I want to share with all of you this funny video as an entry to the great Happy Moan day contest hosted by our friend @pete.

The little story I'm going to tell is about a young player who wants to succeed in the NBA. His name is Dennis and he was chosen by the Dallas Mavericks in the number 9 of the draft of 2017, this year should be the one of his consecration but they have found the arrival of a genius to his team named Luka Doncic that monopolizes the position of holder in the Texan team, but this may be read in a specialized magazine in the NBA. This post is about a funny cast that happened in a Mavs game and starred by the great Dennis.

The American Airlines Center had was the scene of a spectacular game, the current champions of the ring, Golden State Warriors, visited Dallas to demonstrate their dominance in the West, but the rejuvenated Texan team was going to be a tough nut to crack from the first minute . In the first quarter, they took a small advantage in the scoreboard, but San Francisco's team did not lose face to the game, the Mavs were defending with great aggression and managed to force losses and steal balls to score baskets easily in one of these counterattacks he was preparing to dunk with joy, Dennis Smith Jr was rushing to the rival ring to crush and get his fans up, but something dramatic happened ...

The video shows how cruel sport can be, you become a true hero to be laughed at by your own fans. The announcer's comments are mocking towards the unlucky player. He wanted to look, it was a game that was being seen around the world and tried to enter between the highlights of the day, but perhaps appear in the funniest of the year.

The announcer is very famous in Spain and the expression BUT DENNIS !!! (but Dennis) is used in many street matches, when you try something complicated and you get a shit. At least Dennis has managed to become more known and get followers in their social networks.

The game continued and ended with victory for the team Dennis, who contributed 14 points, great strength and has promised to train the dunks although I am afraid that during some dates he will leave the mates for his teammates 😉.

Dennis I want to send a lot of encouragement, from this game I'm your biggest fans, but please do not make a fool of yourself in this way, you have an enviable physique and great qualities to be a star in the NBA. I hope that this experience will help you to ensure an easy basket and not look for personal brilliance.

I hope you like it and have fun with my point of view on the play and I want to wish good luck to the rest of the participants in this fun contest.