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'The Beard' James Harden is heating up the last minute of the season.
IMAGE SOURCE The Houston Rockets won 111-105 in their home game against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday. The victory allowed Houston to avoid a losing streak. The Memphis Grizzlies were in third place in the Western Conference, culminating in a one-point loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. Houston was overwhelmed by Harden's overwhelming performance on the day. Harden blew up 61 points, 36 minutes and 40 seconds. Having already scored over 60 points in the season, Harden led the team to victory by playing 60 points + of the season. He is the only player who has played 60 games in multiple games this season. Harden had 61 points, the highest percentage of his life. Having already scored 61 points this season, Harden unexpectedly scored another 61 points. In just two months, he again regained his record of top scoring in one game. But there is a difference. He spent 40 minutes against New York, but had less time on the day. He tried 13 of his three-point shoots to break the ninth, and he bombarded San Antonio with a fine shot. The three-point shot from the distance away from the distance tried to get a 3-point shot in the intentions of the intent. Harden had to narrow down his defense with a shot from outside, and he was able to make full use of it to dig into his goal. He also scored 14 points in free throws, and he hit a bogey court. Harden had an onslaught from the first quarter. The team was attacked with only 27 points in the first quarter. San Antonio scored 24 points in the first quarter, you can see how great Harden was on that day. Harden became the second player in the first quarter of the club's history. IMAGE SOURCE Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Harden are all players who have scored more than 60 points in more than one round in a single season. He scored 61 points in San Antonio, and Harden had to stand with the best legends in the scoring field. Harden also scored 60 points in a single game with Elgin Baylor in the third 60 games. SCORING A SCORE OF 60 OR MORE IN A SINGLE GAME 1. 32 times Wilt Chamberlain 2. 6th Kobe Bryant 3. Michael Jordan 4 times 4. 3 times Elgin Baylor, James Harden This is not all. Only six games that he has scored more than 55 points this season. It is the number of times that it spreads 50 points + including it 8 times, and the game that puts in more than 40 point is surprisingly it boasts score that it does not follow this season with 27 games. This is why the average score is 36.5 points so far this season. NUMBER OF MATCHES OVER 55 IN SINGLE SEASONS 1. 30 times Wilt Chamberlain (1961-1962) 2. 17th Wilt Chamberlain (1962-1963) 3. 7th Wilt Chamberlain (1960-1961) 4. 6th times James Harden (2018-2019) The player who scored more than 50 points in a single season for the previous three seasons was named MVP of the regular season. Past Steven Curry (2018-2016), Russell Westbrook (2016-2017) and Harden (2017-2018) have each been the best players. Curry scored more than 50 points in three of those games, while Westbrook and Harden each scored more than 50 points each four times, becoming the first regular season MVP ever. Harden picked out more than 50 points this season. The average score is also the highest in the last 10 seasons. While Curry, Westbrook, and Harden shared the MVP for three seasons, they all scored an average of over 30 points. Even this season's average score is 36.1 points. It is much higher than Bryant's record (35.4 points) for 2005-2006 season. IMAGE SOURCE Whether it's a higher than average score, you have to go back a long time to find a record. Even Jordan, who scored first in the 1987-1988 season, has the highest average score since he scored 37.1 points. Bryant was the top scorer with the highest average score ever since Jordan, but Harden has now replaced that record. For the record, Jordan has been in the top scorer for the seventh consecutive year since 1986-1987 (tied with Chamberlain for the longest). The record for the seventh consecutive year is that Jordan retired the first. He has been in the top spot for three consecutive years since returning, and of course the team has achieved the second consecutive victory. It would be impossible to approach Chamberlain's unique territory, but it is worth noting that he is third in the number of games that have scored more than 55 points in a single season. It seems to be possible enough because it shows the scoring power which came to water well. Although it is difficult to challenge Chamberlain's first or second place record, it is just as close to his record as you can see how great Harden's performance this season is. According to Chamberlain's record, the number of games that exploded over 55 points in three consecutive seasons from 1960-1961 to 1962-1963 is 54 games. Chamberlain showed a huge presence in ancient myths, pulling more than 55 points without a doubt in a single game, while raising more than 50 points. It means that Harden is great enough just to summon him. IMAGE SOURCE Harden scored more than 50 points in two consecutive games before Memphis. He scored 57 points in Memphis last season, and he pitched 118 points for both games. For reference, Harden recorded a score of 50 or more for two consecutive games for the second time. In NBA history, Chamberlain (9 times, including 5 consecutive games) and Harden (2 times) are the two players who played more than 50 points more than once in two consecutive games. Harden made 57 points in Memphis on January 15, and he played 58 points against Brooklyn on the 16th. At the time, he scored 115 points in two consecutive games. Harden replaced his record in the series. The players who scored 118 points in two consecutive games have had another 50 years. Jordan, Bryant, and Harden are the three players who have scored 118 points in two consecutive games over the last 50 years. Whether you look at various records, you can see that they are being repeated with Chamberlain, Jordan, and Bryant. It is a surprise that they are approaching their records in various sectors. Before the game, Harden had completed more than 30 points against all clubs in the league during a single season. It is the first time since the NBA has moved into the 30-team lineup. The number of clubs, such as Chamberlain or Jordan, was not as great as it is now. IMAGE SOURCE Another record was set. James Harden (1,979), who scored nine of his three-point shots on the day, was named number one in the regular season's three-point shot count. He added 1,981 3-pointers to the game, six of which were in Johnson before the game. Jason Kidd (1,988) was on the verge of pushing Johnson out of nine 3-point shots with a high success rate. If it is current, it is possible to reach cumulative 2,000 3 points in the season. It depends on how many 3-point shots Harden put in the rest of the game, but considering the current average of 4.8 3-point shots this season, it is likely to exceed 2,000. In total, only 8 players have exceeded 2,000 3-point shoots. The more scary thing is that Harden was not in his 30s at the local age. He is about to enter the age of 30, but he is expected to follow Curry (2,432) at the 3-point shot pace if he is in the same situation. Curry is likely to top 2,500 of his third three-point shots following Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, and Harden is expected to chase Curry. More than 2,000 cumulative 3-point shots out of the active list are Curry, Kyle Korver (2,344), Vince Carter (2,218) and Jamal Crawford (2,198). More importantly, like Curry, it is not only a three-point shot, but also a team's ace that can play a variety of roles in the attack, making it more valuable. If Curry is a long-range three-point shot, Harden is standing as an authority on the Steveback three-point shot. Finally, Harden is the top scorer this season. The gap with Paul Georges (28.2 points) in the second place is more than eight points. The only time this season is over the cumulative 2,500 points, George (1,943) has yet to reach 2,000 points. In other words, while George is steadily raising his average score. If Harden takes on the scorer this season, he will be the top scorer for the third time in his career. Previously, Kevin Durant (4 times) and Russell Westbrook (2 times) have achieved this. However, Durant (three consecutive years) is the top two consecutive points in the current season, the second most likely to be Harden. The 16-year-old Jordan, who has scored more than two times in the past, is the first. It is likely that Harden will also join the sector 17 times. How far will Harden's scoring march lead? Harden, who has the best season of his life every year, has already brought together legends that are already in the field of scoring. Now it is key whether Harden's goal will lead to a win. The legends he summoned (Chamberlain, Jordan, Bryant) all have a winning experience. It is notable that Harden's score will continue to be won.

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