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Gasol Lin, Raptors Upgrade To A Deeper Bench In Time For the Playoffs.
Out of all the blockbuster trades that happened on the East when NBA trade deadline happened few weeks ago it is the Marc Gasol and Jeremy Lin addition to the roster of Raptors that impressed me more. I really think that this move can really push the Toronto Raptors campaign to the Finals. Marc Gasol may have been past his prime but still is one of the best center who can facilitates. He is second in assists at 4.5 per game and his other game stats are not to look down as well. With 15.4 ppg and 8.5 rpg he can always produce respectable numbers every game night. Jeremy Lin has already proven himself that if just given enough exposure he can produce points enough to shake the limelight. With him coming from the bench can really help the team to change momentum that would dictate the outcome of the game. Bench players that can ignite the team while the starter is on bench is a proven recipe of teams that have established NBA dynasties. What impress me more is the veteran experience that these two players can bring on the table. This will greatly fare them well especially against strong East teams with young players on their rosters like the Bucks and the Philly's. Composure especially crunch time is priceless and players like Gasol and Lin have proven themselves to thrive in those moments. I am looking forward to seeing this Raptors team face against the heavily favored Golden State Warriors in a seven game series soon. Here is a YouTube video that is asking fans if Gasol Lin can propel the Toronto Raptors team to the Finals. How about you, what do you think? I posted an article on my LinkedIn profile about decentralized social media platforms like Scorum and others. Please visit Decentralized Social Media - A New Way To Earn Just By Being Yourself Online. (Make Extra Money from Anywhere Without Your Own Website.)

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