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The Minnesota Timberwolves are preparing for the upcoming 2019-2020 season.
IMAGE SOURCE Minnesota's Derrick Rose left the train early in the week because of his his right elbow injury. Injury did not allow Rose to spend the rest of the season. Rose was injured in the home game against the New York Knicks. He scored on the bench on the day but could not play much time due to injury. He did not return to the court anymore after playing 7 minutes 58 seconds. Eventually, his right elbow was injured, and Minnesota let him out for the surgery. Rose has been out of the squad this season due to injury. But it was different from before. He did not have a crucial injury, and he had a good performance, so he was able to play the season. It was the first time that the New York Knicks had played 18 games in 64 games in the 2016-2017 season. But this season he was on the bench and only played 27.3 minutes per game. The average time difference was 32.5 minutes compared to 32.5 minutes he played at New York Knicks. Nevertheless, Rose pulled out an average of 18 points and informed many basketball fans that he had recovered. He also had the best season of his career, including a career-high 50 points. Unfortunately, after the loss of Derrick Rose, Minnesota has not won a single win. It is currently in the bog of five straight victories. In addition to Rose, the injury of other players is crucial, but the absence of Derrick Rose, who can lead the attack on the bench, it is fatal to Minnesota. If it was not for the losing streak, they could see the possibility of going into the playoffs, but it was a waste. IMAGE SOURCE Rose signed a one-year contract with Minnesota ahead of this season. With a contract of about $ 2.2 million a year for the duration of the contract, he will be in the transfer market after the season. It is expected that several teams aiming for power increase beyond bench reinforcement will aim for a contract with Rose. It is true that there is a risk of injury at any time, but this is enough proof. Having been traded to Utah Jazz from Cleveland Cavaliers ahead of the trade deadline last season, he was released to the transfer market. He wanted to play in a team that wanted to play in the playoffs, but the deal presented to him was all on a 10-day contract. He was not disappointed. In Minnesota, Jimmy Butler (Philadelphia) was unable to play due to an injury and signed a contract for the remaining season. However, the season in Minnesota did not get any better. The injury still tormented him. However, Derrick Rose showed off his experience in the playoffs. Although Minnesota was unable to compete against top seed Houston Rockets, Derrick Rose showed the possibility. In the end, he signed a contract with Minnesota and was successful in recovering this season. It will not be easy, but it is also a question of whether you can be selected as a Sixth Man of the year. Although the season is closed due to injuries, it is expected that the rise in ransom will be sufficient in the next season. It is also noteworthy that he can win a multi-year contract. As well as having a stable season and now playing a good role as a veteran, there is also the possibility of being offered a Signing from teams who take on the challenge. Even if it was not a strong team, it proved that Rose could do enough.