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San Antonio Spurs Wins Closing Duel Against Minnesota Timberwolves
Interesting day in the NBA basketball to see face the young talents of Minnesota Timberwolves Vs. One of the most defensive and experienced teams as are the San Antonio Spurs to enjoy another excellent sports night. Source Game Summary Wiggins gets the first 2 points of the duel, Gasol scores from medium distance, Teague assists Okogie who dumps it alone, White scores an effective shot from the perimeter, Teague scores from the 3 point line, Dieng scores from the perimeter, Belinelli converts from the 3 point area, Belinelli scores with penetration by board, White scores with penetration by board, White basket an excellent float, Forbes basket a float, Gibson penetrates and basket by board, Rose assists Saric who basket in a quick break, Gay penetrates and overturns the ball in great form, finishes the fourth 28 - 31 up Timberwolves. Source White penetrates basket and gets the foul, additional basket, Rose assists Towns who overturns it, Gay basket on average, Mills assists Bertans who basket and gets the foul, White basket a float, Towns scores a hook, Belinelli basket an effective shot from the perimeter, Towns scores an excellent hook, Alridge scores a tray in penetration, Belinelli scores from the 3-point area, Gay assists Mills who scores from the perimeter, Wiggins scores from the 3-point line, finishes the first half 58 - 58. Second Half Okogie scores an effective shot from the perimeter, Wiggins scores from the 3-point line, Gay penetrates and scores a basket, Alridge scores a mid-distance shot, Dieng scores a mid-distance basket, Cunningham scores from an offensive rebound, Bertans scores an effective shot from the perimeter, Bertans scores again from the 3-point line, Alridge scores near the hoop, Mills Assists Cunningham who basket, Rose penetrates and converts, Rose in mid-distance basket, finishes fourth 88 - 90 up Timberwolves. Source Mills assists Poeltl who baskets, Alridge baskets from an offensive rebound, Okogie scores a fast breaking tray, Alridge scores a great mid-range shot, White converts an effective shot from the perimeter, Towns scores a hook near the hoop, Wiggins scores a mid-range shot, Belinelli steals the ball and basket in fast break, Teague penetrates and basket, Alridge scores an excellent shot from medium distance, Rose scores from medium distance, Rose leaves a tray in penetration, finishes the match 116 - 113 in great victory of the Spurs over Timberwolves as visitors. Details and Personal Analysis In a duel that was very closed from the beginning the 2 teams played very good basketball and played very good defenses throughout the game, also the offensive was balanced collectively and we had to see the outcome of the game in the last quarter that was defined by details by a better closing of the Spurs in the last minutes of the game on the Timberwolves that gives them a great victory of visitors to the experienced defensive team that gives them a valuable victory. Best Performances LaMarcus Alridge 25 Pts. 9 Reb. Rudy Gay 22 Pts. 5 Ast. Marco Belinelli 19 Pts. 5 Reb. Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.