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NCAA Football Survivor Contest Week 5: Pick Your Team if Still Alive! 100 SCR
Welcome back! Are you ready for another crazy week of football? It's time to make your picks if you're still alive in my 100 SCR NCAA Survivor Contest. As the weeks go by, you will have fewer options, so choose your team wisely! I want to thank you all again for playing. Although I plan to take a break from contests after the three I have going now are over, I will host more next year and I greatly appreciate your support. As always, no upvote is required to enter and play. Deadline Friday 11:59 PM CDT. Any entries after this time will not be accepted. If you are late or do not pick a team, you will be eliminated. Who is Still Alive? I put it in a little extra work this week and have provided you each with the teams you have picked over the past four weeks. Make sure you're not picking a team you have already chosen. @heyimsnuffles: Auburn, Michigan, LSU, Alabama @robbijg: UCF, Georgia, Oklahoma, Alabama @thesportsguru: Oregon, Penn State, BYU, Auburn @pete: Oregon, Miami, BYU, Auburn @potplucker: Notre Dame, Miami, OSU, Georgia @broncofan99: Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, LSU @tadas: Georgia, Oklahoma, Michigan, Alabama @bamamama: Ohio State, Miami, LSU, MSU @chops316: West Virginia, Penn State, Ohio State, Georgia @news: Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson @swolesome: Boise State, Stanford, Michigan, Georgia @thebull: UCF, Stanford, BYU, Alabama Week 5 Games Eligible for the Contest If you're still alive, pick one team you believe that is going to win that you haven't picked in a previous week of the competition. Eligible games include: #1 Alabama @ Arkansas #19 Texas @ #7 Oklahoma Kansas @ #9 West Virginia Maryland @ #15 Michigan Northwestern @ #20 Michigan State Boston College @ #23 NC State #4 Clemson @ Wake Forest #5 LSU @ #22 Florida Florida State @ #17 Miami Iowa State @ #25 Oklahoma State Indiana @ #3 Ohio State Arizona State @ #21 Colorado SMU @ #12 UCF #13 Kentucky @ Texas A&M Vanderbilt @ #2 Georgia #8 Auburn @ Mississippi State #10 Washington @ UCLA Nebraska @ #16 Wisconsin #6 Notre Dame @ #24 Virginia Tech Utah @ #14 Stanford My Pick: If I was still alive, my pick would've been West Virginia. Good luck! Pick before Friday at 11:59 PM CST, and leave a comment below.