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Phillip Lindsay, a star was born in Denver
The story of Phillip Lindsay is the most classic of American stories. One of those, however, that never tires, and that always surprises. Too small for the NFL, he finds himself, after not being chosen to the Draft, to play for the team that cheers since childhood. And to make matters worse, she is literally dragging her to a postseason that seemed unthinkable until a few weeks ago. The young running back has bewitched America's most famous league. In the history of professional football, the Phillip Lindsay case is absolutely unprecedented! Image Source A constant In the last three games, with the Broncos in a winning streak, Lindsay went twice over 100 yards, scoring 5 touchdowns and being named offensive player of the AFC week. Denver, after years of not really lucky choices, may have finally found the right man. The 24 year old has enchanted fans and companions. A star was born in Colorado! "We are happy to have him in the team. We nicknamed him Pitbull, "revealed teammate Domata Peko. Pitbull because it is small, tough and can surprise you. Just like the number 30. The impact that Lindsay has had in this league is indeed absolutely amazing. With 937 yards ran, he is behind only Gurley, Elliott and Barkley. In the last round won against the Bengals, the RB has ground 157 yards, including a TD of 65, with only 19 touches in total. The feeling was that Lindsay corrected at least twice the speed of the opponents. His great skills gave the Broncos a shock. This season he averages 6.57 yards each time he receives the ball from a hand-off. Synonymous with how Phillip Lindsay is not only good at distancing himself, but how he effectively knows how to find space and resist the blows. Week after week, the weight in the Denver attack is increasing more and more Image Source Rewrite the story Since 1970, when the league has been split into AFC and NFC, no offensive rookie not chosen to draft has ever been selected for the Pro Bowl. Phillip Lindsay, could become just the first. Yet no one would have expected it at the beginning of the season. A player of his height (173 cm by 86 kg) is unlikely to succeed in a physical championship like the NFL. However, class 94 has never stopped believing it. Humility, passion and dedication. He still lives in the basement of his parents, tries to talk as little as possible and puts the team first. He refused the ball of the match against Cincinnati to give it to the offensive line: "I do not like the attention, it's not about me, it's about the team. That's how it has always been in my life. When you have a family, and you're in the middle of two older sisters and two younger brothers, do it all for them. It's about your family. Here's what it is". The same Case Keenum has praised it. "He's a special player. It should be considered for any seasonal premium. I do not really have words ". The chances of Playoff for the Broncos pass therefore from the young RB's races. In the next 4 games most likely will exceed 1000 yards become the first undrafted to succeed. Inertia is all on the side of Phillip Lindsay. The Colorado boy, raised in Denver and trained at Colorado Boulder, is ready to rewrite the history of the NFL.