"Man nomadis" vs "Man stabilis third part"

This is the third post in a series of six

If you have not read the second post read: https://scorum.com/en-us/other/@elohim4/uomo-nomadis-vs-uomo-stabilis-second-parteSome have built makeshift shacks, with recycled materials, others simply placed their tent and the most enterprising ones have settled in the numerous natural caves in the area

I remember the first time I saw the area, it seems to be in one of those westerns, set in Arizona, a really nice place, plus a few hundred meters from the sea!

The presence of the hippies immediately caught my attention.

Given my past as a camper, it seemed like a good opportunity to try in some way to evaluate the possibility of settling down and living in a simpler style, free and less conditioned by the need to work to eat and live.

In Tenerife I had no problems with accommodation, I had a sofa to sleep on, in an apartment where I was a volunteer, and although the apartment was definitely overcrowded a roof under which it was guaranteed.

Every time I went to the barranco the idea flashed through my mind:

"And if everything goes wrong, no work, no money, would not it be a good idea to take refuge here and lead a simpler life?"

Soon with my arguments involved another Italian boy, he also lived in the apartment, and one day we decided to go and have a look together.

He too thought it was not bad to try a different experience and, as he had done the mason and carpenter a past, he proposed to put his skills at his disposal to build a makeshift accommodation to share.

It was therefore decided, we would have built our "shack in the barranco", our shelter to concretely test the real possibility of living in an unconventional way.

The following day, we went to better explore the area, we wanted to better study where to place our future "imperial palace". Since we were in the mood to scour the area, I proposed a different route that I had done a few days before.

End of third part