This blog if for @mikey's 10 minute Freewriting exercise

I’m not very good at this timed writing thing, in fact I pretty much hate time limits of any kind. But I do like the idea of having something weekly or even daily to write about and use as an easy way to consistently blog, that was one of the ideas behind the “Happy Moan-Day blog. So I looked at this topic and quickly went over all of the sports that I knew of in my head and considered the ones that I don’t understand for use on this project. What I discovered is a very long list, meaning that I really don’t know that much about anything it seems lol. But just for the sake of this writing event and because I needed to settle on something, I choose Snooker! What the heck is a snooker? I have heard all of my life about the term “getting snookered” as in being taken in by some con-artist or prankster, does that have anything to do with the game of snooker?

The first time I laid eyes on a snooker table I was very confused. It looked like a pool table, or was it different? The players used cue sticks and there were balls like pool balls but the colors were off and the game seemed so different than what I knew about playing pool itself. So here I am 62 years old and I have no idea how to play snooker or even what the object of the game is. I have on occasion been embarrassed when someone was talking about the game and I just tried to avoid eye contact and shake my head a lot trying not to give away my complete ignorance of this common game. But on the other hand I’ve obviously never been embarrassed enough or interested enough to open up a book or do a search online in order to find out what it was all about.

That is the end of my ten minutes, so there it is!




This is part of the freewriting initiative started by @mikey

You can find the original post with rules for participation here:

Scorum Sports Freewrite Launch Details

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The Sport I Don’t Understand: Sports Freewrite Week 1

I view Scorum as a serious sports writers platform and I believe that the top sports topics should mostly be made up of in depth sports news, events and in depth articles on sports and their participants. But I also believe that Scorum needs room to post breaking sports news items that are short and quick hitting, fun posts that are for great for taxing our brains, increasing our writing skills, and just adding a little entertainment value to the platform. I would personally also like to see someday a place for works of fiction that involve the world of sports.

This ten minute freewrite exercise represents the first time that someone has tried to both help writers improve their skills and to provide a little bit of entertaining fun to the platform. I think that it is open for debate as to whether these freewrites will add value to the platform or not and I'm sure that @mikey is open to criticism from those who might oppose the effort. But I just wanted to take a moment to voice my approval and my confidence that @mikey will do everything in his power to keep it both entertaining and something that enhances Scorum and makes it more fun and entertaining to both the avid sports enthusiasts as well as the less than serious sports fans.

For my suggestion of a future topic this week I pick;

You have been chosen to participate in this years hunger games and in order to save your life and win one million dollars you must choose one of the following sports to compete in.

  1. High Speed dirt bike racing - This sport is by far the deadliest in the motorsport world. Win the race
  2. Bull Riding - The rider’s task is to stay on top of the bull, weighing up to 1800 pounds, till the end of prescribed time frame during the contest. You must ride stay on the bull the longest amount of time.
  3. Big Wave Surfing - Big Wave Surfing is considered as one of the most dangerous and lethal sport in the world. Receive the highest score by choosing the largest wave and riding in the most dangerous positions on the wave without wiping out.
  4. Heli-Skiing - Heli-Skiing is a sport that uses helicopter for the skiers to snowboard from very high altitude. You must be the first one down the mountain in one piece.
  5. Street Luge - a gravity-powered sport, which mainly involves laying on a skateboard and riding at very high speed down an asphalt road on a steep incline. Be the first to the bottom of the long winding hill with all of your hide and no missing body parts.
  6. Mountain Climbing - Mountain climbing is one of the hardest and dangerous sports in the world, it can be split into rock climbing and glacier climbing. Be the first to plant your flag at the top of the mountain.

After choosing your sport you have ten minutes to tell us why you picked that event, how you would train, what your strategy would be, and why you would win it.

(All Sporting events taken from "10 Most Life Threatening Sports In The World" on Listamaze)