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Scorum Fans Daily Curation: Issue #116
And welcome to the @scorum-fans daily curation, issue #116 Daily, we explore our discord channel "Scorum-fan", and try to find the undervalued gems from our community. These posts are posted with much efforts and creativity but go unnoticed and it is frustrating. As our community will rise, and Scorum-fans will grow, we will try to increase the number of posts. If you want to get your post featured, consider joining our discord channel. The invitation link is given at bottom of the page. We have a different community around the world working with us. We are doing our best to feature as many quality posts from these communities and help them in their growth. Here are the posts from our discord channel and communities:Why European club football is the dream of every average Nigerian football player. by @oceanboyIs trekking a sport? by @nepalicricket The cards were invented by a woman by @apoloo Şampiyonlar Ligi Maç Tahmini ve Yorumum. 22.10.18 by @sporservis India qualified for the FIFA World Cup, Brazil 1950… but did not play! by @jap8341 Football genius: Éric Cantona by @dexpartacusTarihin Derinliğinden Bir Maç Hikayesi Fenerbahçe 0-7 Galatasaray by @gercekleragain Once again, here is the invitation link to our discord community: https://discord.gg/UbwTzMG. We welcome you all to join. And please vote @scorum-fans and @kennybll as your witness. Its very easy, all you need is a polarity wallet. Find details here: https://scorum.com/en-us/scorum/@kennybll/introducing-polarity-a-scorum-desktop-wallet OR https://guiltyparties.com/scorum/