Been getting back into the poker swing of things on the coinpoker website after a nearly 2 year absence. Been hitting up the KO Omaha tournaments specifically and today I finally broke through with a win as I've been trying most of the week to get one but kept falling just short. I've been playing 2 or 3 of these per day and I've finished 2nd twice and I think 3rd twice and cashed in most of them. Todays win payed me 4,790 CHP or 4,290 after accounting for the 500 tournament buy in. This total was more than 3 times the winnings of the 2nd place finisher. This is the result of the structure of the KO style of tournament where each time a player is KO'd you get half their bounty and the other half rolls onto the winning player for another player to capture if they knock them out. The process repeats until the winner gets all extra KO money everyone has accumulated to that point, which leads to a huge difference in finishing 1st or 2nd place. As it shows above I was able to KO 8 of the 20 players by myself.

I found myself in the familiar position of being at the final table with the chip lead, only this time I was able to seal the deal and take it down thanks to some good hands and fortunate run outs. At one point the 2nd place player (who has become quite a nemesis, npokyny) almost overtook me for the chip lead but I was quickly able to pull away again after hitting the nut flush after some large pot sized bets leading to the river card. After I disposed of him it was my super large stack of about 150k vs a short stack of about 30k and I was able to blind him down a bit, get him to go all in, he was ahead pre-flop but the cards came out in my favor leading to my first ever buy-in tournament win on the CoinPoker website.