I made some posts about running. And I got your feedback and support. I really appreciate that. So if you want to start running, let's do it. This post is for you. Let's read the 7 useful running tips for beginners.

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01. Start with short running intervals

If you are a beginner, don't aim for running in a long distance. Start running in the short distance. Eventually, you can run in long distance. If you keep running on a regular basis, you will be surprised to see how far you can run.

02. Take it easy

You are not used to running. Running puts pressure on different muscles of your body. So take it easy. Take short steps and keep running. Your body will get used to taking the pressure later and it would be easier to run.

03. Don't run too fast

If you are new and just start running, don't run too fast. You will get out of breath soon. Run at a normal speed. You are a beginner, it is okay to walk. Don't be ashamed of that. You will be getting better day by day.

04. Take rest to recover

When you run for the first time, you will feel pain in your body. It is normal. Whenever you try hard and push you forward, you might feel a little pain. You should give your body some rest to recover. Instead of running every single day, you can take a rest one day and start running again the next day.

05. Choose the right surface

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If you are a beginner in running, choosing the right surface is really important. If you start mountain running as a beginner, you might get disappointed. If you really want to do mountain running, that's great. But first practice running on the flat surface. You can run in the park or road. Later you can start mountain running.

06. Take care of your body

You have to take care of yourself. You can do some warm up. Or after running, you can do some exercise to relax. You can do yoga or meditation. What you eat, that directly affects your body. So when you choose something to eat, that is very important. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

07. Motivate yourself to run

Motivation is very important to begin something. If you are motivated to run, just start running. When running becomes your habit, you will run because that is fun. And you enjoy it. We all want to stay healthy and fit, and running will help you to have a healthy and happy life.

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