Hello everyone! Remember me?)

My name is Alexei, I am one of the co-founders of Scorum and former chief editor of the project. If at all it is possible to be the chief editor (in the full sense of the word) of a decentralized blogging platform where anyone can write.

For objective reasons, for more than a year I could not fully devote my time to Scorum, although I tried to do something as much as possible. Now, I'm here again.

I will try to help the development of the community, attract more visitors to our sites and contribute to the technological development of the platform. Obviously, without you, dear community, my efforts won't succeed. But together, I'm sure, we are capable of much.

Let's do that.

Ads on Scorum

As you probably already noticed, an advertisement appeared on the project. Depending on your geographical location, you can see various banners of our partners - 888sport, Codere, BahseGel, BetTilt and others. For obvious reasons, the current month is the worst time I remember to work with sports bookmakers. And it happened that right now we launched advertising campaigns for the above products. This is rather sad, but I don’t want to give up. We can work even in this circumstances.

As an alternative to geo, for which no advertising partners have yet been found, Google Adsense advertising has been launched on the site. It is also added to the rotation with the main banners in other geos, at least for the testing period.

Funds earned on advertising, as stipulated in the whitewater, will go to the development of the platform and will be distributed in the form of SCR between users. Coins will be purchased on the exchange, which should positively affect the price of the coin.

Note that authorized users see less advertising. Not registered users see additional block inside posts.

Mobile Version Update

Along with the launch of advertising, we updated the mobile version. Now paragraphs are divided, enjoy reading from your mobile devices!

Mobile app

In the near future, Scorum is launching a mobile application based on PWA technology. You can learn the features by reference, but in short, this is a modern type of "app", which is supported by Apple and Google. PWA-applications do not require adding to the "Store", and are installed directly from the browser in just a few moments. The launch is just as fast.

The PWA application works due to the power of your browser - Safari for iOs and Chrome for Android.

We will try to please you with the application as soon as possible.


We have already relaunched contests for writers. By the way, do not forget to take part and invite your friends to write about your favorite goal as well.

We also have planned various activities, so that each user could find something interesting. With your help, we expect to increase the number of visitors and increase the number of authors. Write texts, post links to Scorum, invite friends to the project and stay with us.

We are always open to suggestions. And we are ready to implement your ideas on Scorum, if they are feasible at the moment and will benefit the project.

And all will be well.

Alexei Belov, Scorum