A sport that I really don't understand is boxing, as well as all sports related to combat. Not that I don't understand the rules and I also understand the fans who are excited to see two men getting into a fight. What I really don't understand are those two men. I am a pacifist so I probably start already on the wrong side, I hardly took a few beating in my life, but I remember that they are not pleasant, nothing at all.

How can they stand the pain?

How do they have fun?

How do they get pleasure from these sports?

These are questions I will probably never have an answer for as I will never experience their own emotions. Then let's also put the risk of brain damage and we're ok. I saw a movie with Will Smith "Concussion" on American football and the damage the players suffer, which made me think a lot.

How do they risk their lives? Ok the glory, the adrenaline, the sense of superiority, but being the other side I don't think I'll ever get there. I also happened to see some fights, but probably because I'm highly empathetic, I could only experience the surreal pain if I had been in their place... but if they were happy everyone is happy!!

But this is only the psychological side of sport, regarding rules I actually think I don't understand many sports, but if I am interested in any sport I watch it trying to understand the rules, if I can't catch them watching I jump on the internet and I study it, so on the rules side I have no sport to list because I could potentially understand them all. Then at first those that I didn't immediately understand are many, but shortly after... problem fixed, understood everything or almost!

Not that with this I wants to tell that I'm smart, don't get me wrong, I'm done in this way and the first topic of the contest was dedicated to a sport that I don't understand and I didn't get any idea, in fact I'm so smart that I started from the second contest's topic as you can see here! 😁

Time's up, it's your turn!

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