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Hello everyone. You might have seen me around Scorum here and there. More recently I made a Delegation Chrome Extension and started a Scorum witness node in December. The Node Setting up the Scorum node was pretty much straight forward. I already had a pretty good Qnap server at home running Linux which was mostly sleeping, so I figured "let's use that". Everything was cool, but sadly when I started the node I missed many blocks at night because of a hard to find misconfiguration in my docker environment. But hurray, after lots of tinkering I figured it out and since then, I didn't miss any block! The Delegation Alright, so this is a pretty divisive topic on Scorum. We all know "that" other platform had some form of delegation and it opened doors to bots which in turn made profit bidbots popular which, supposedly made "that" platform bad. Well, my take on this is if we want no bidbots, then we shall not have them. By the way, my tool didn't and won't create bidbots, delegations were already part of the Scorum ecosystem. I created it because I think it allows for teamwork. And I think teamwork is the key here, what you do as a team can either be good or bad, and this is up to us to judge what is and what is not. The Group I also want to announce a new Discord server for all the users that care about this platform and have ideas on how to push it to the next level. Anything you can think of really, and since I have some programming skills we can probably build something pretty awesome! I'm also inviting other developers to join us. I'll try to find some time to organize events and giveaways in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Make Scorum Better See you there, Julien

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