Hi Scorum

Good evening to you all. Am very happy to join this social earning platform. I am named Samuel Olawale Olaitan hailed from Oke Ayo in Kwara state but I am living in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. I am a student of Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State. I love playing football, and also betting on sports predictions.

I have been thinking about this platform about some months ago because I was skeptical about how it works. So I finally took a boldness to post my first introduction post.

I was introduced to Scorum by @Dawizy, he told me lots of things about it and I was coached by @columbus and @zoneboy and @idegbe. I joined SCORUM NIGERIA headed by @tosyn2much for proper guidance.

I vowed to try to make everything I post legit and correct and making sure that my pictures are well use by Digital camera or strong phone camera and if that isn't used, I will source any pictures I uploaded. I believe I will contribute to the greatness of scorum as a community and to make everything about it authentic. I will also earn as much as possible in my first post and other posts.

I love sincerity in all my doings. I love being faithful in my endeavors.

I hate all my opposites of my LIKES

Scorum is going to be great by my joining. Scorum is mooning to greater heights. I am standing firm behind the success and victory of Scorum.

I am to be here once again. Thanks so much for welcoming me

God bless Me

God Bless Scorum

God bless Nigeria