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Result of my BET for EPL- GW 28
In the English Premier League matches, I staked 270.23 SCR. I staked more but some of them didn't get matched. I made small profit which is good. It was good coming back after very bad performance last week. sourceI didn't make many bets this time. On Tuesday, I made bet for Wolves victory over Huddersfield and staked 100 SCR. Huddersfield was in poor form, and Wolves had been in great form. Nobody expected Huddersfield to win this one, surprisingly I lost the bet. That was big loss early in the week. The bad part of Tuesday was bet not getting matched. I staked 80 SCR for Everton's victory. It could have compensated previous loss. Luck was not with me and just 20 SCR got matched. I also went small bets here and there. Leicester managed to win over Brighton on Tuesday which means there was another loss for me. For Wednesday, I kept bet in last minutes, 5 minutes before the game. Not much time to research, but kept some bets. United to win over Crystal Palace was the bet I was looking for. I was confident for United's vicroty and kept 100 SCR. Luckily, it returned me 140 SCR and make sure of small win. Other than that, I lost all other small bets. Chelsea won over Spurs, and I lost yet another bet. GW 28 Results Total Staked: 270.23 SCR Profit: 7.98 SCR ROI: 2.95% Results of previous week:ROI for GW 21: 76.0% ROI for GW 22: 14.31% ROI for GW 23: 33% ROI for GW 24= -3.15% ROI for GW 25= 37.32% ROI for GW 26= 49.19% ROI for GW 27= -24.17% Here is chart for my overall ROI: Here is chart for my profit: