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BCCI tired of treating families enjoying abroad with cricketers!
Source If the Indian team wins, then Anushka Sharma goes to celebrate the win on the ground like 'First Lady'. Kohli requested the board that family members were allowed to stay with the players in special foreign tours and the board was approved. After the long tour of Australia and then on the current New Zealand tour, treating the players 'jambo' family is becoming a headache for the BCCI. The media says that the cricketers insist that their family members should be kept with them. As a result, the BCCI has been responsible for booking tickets and hotels, of all the members of the family. Because of this, the employees of the Indian Cricket Board feel that they are the secretaries of cricketers. There were about 40 members in the Indian team at the tour of Australia. It included the members of the Indian team, support staff and Cricketers' families BCCI in Australia,Two luxury buses were booked for travel to the players and their family. Cricketers are spending their family's expenses, but according to the rules, their family members too,,Come to the Board's official list, Because of this, the responsibility of the board is to arrange all the arrangements for their arrival and Dinner. Board sources said that if Team India members are less then arrangements can be made easier and everyone can be accommodated. Now the players' families are ready to join the team in the World Cup to be held in England. In the mega match of the World Cup where teams and fans from all over the world are coming, so it is very difficult to maintain the facilities of the players' families. All these things are challenging for us because the hosts allocate space to specific teams, while the remaining additional tickets and accommodation are to be arranged by the BCCI.