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ODI match was not ODI match anymore for today : It was turned in T-20
India Vs WI first ODI has finished. I was watching the match and now came back to write the post. Today`s ODI match gave the feeling of T-20 matches to audiences and viewers. I really enjoyed the match while taking dinner. Not only the dinner, but the match was also delicious which has just finished. Source WI team started to bat and gave a mountain like a score for the Indian team. WI scored 321 runs. This is actually very good and respected run for ODI cricket. Powell scored 51 runs for his team. But the excellent game was shown by Shimron for WI side. He was able to make a century. He scored 106 runs which were highest one from WI team. Shimor hits six, sixes and six, fours in his excellent inning. Now chance came for India to bat. The start was extremely bad for India. Shikhar Dhawan,the opener, went very early to pavilion. This initial fall of wicket did not affect the Indian team performance. Skipper Virat and Opener Rohit started hitting sixes and fours. I totally forget that I was watching ODI match. Approximatly in each over we could see sixes and fours. Source Virat Kohli smashing shots like he has no fear of bowlers and each bowl has bowled for him. He was very attacking today. Not only Virat, but Rohit was also very attacking today. Virat Kohli scored century by hitting a boundary. He was on 97 runs and after that he hit a boundary and his score became 101 runs. Thus he made his century. Virat Kohli scored total 140 runs in today`s match. He faced 107 balls only. The most wonderful thing is, for achieving this score he hit 21 fours. Apart from that he also hit two sixes. These data clearly demonstrate that audience really have gotten plenty of joy in during the match. Total 84 runs made by hitting fours. This is shows extremely attacking performance. Source Rohit Sharma scored total 152 runs in only 117 balls. He hit 17 fours and 8 sixes. What more we can expect in ODI series. 17 fours mean 68 runs and 8 sixes means 48 runs. It shows that 116 runs only made by big hits. Indian inning includes 38 fours and 11 sixes which is total 218 runs. Rest runs come by singles and doubles along with extra. Thus Indian team won the match by 8 wickets remaining 48 balls. I enjoyed the match and it was a really good match for Sunday with my dinner. Extremely big victory gotten by the Indian team. True facts about Pitch- There is nothing for bowlers in this match. Pitch was totally favorable for Batsman. In the second inning, Pitch became more worst for bowlers and better for the batsman. The outfield was very fast. India`s decision to bowl first was really perfect. They know that their bowlers will not get any support from the pitch in the second inning and also chasing is good. Do you think this match is really like T-20?

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