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History of Parachute Sports in Indonesia
Parachuting is one type of sport that is very interesting to play. Besides being able to trigger adrenaline skydiving also makes the player very memorable because it can fly freely in space. This sport often appears on the television screen when there are advertisements along with the attraction of parachuting. Talking about skydiving if you don't know the origin and history is certainly not interesting. Maybe for you sports lovers already know how the origin of skydiving. But there is nothing wrong if we reveal again the origin at finding this challenging sport. At first around the 15th century, a world famous painter named Leonardo da Vinci revealed in his book Codex Atlanticus (1484) that he had tried to sketch by drawing some equipment for skydiving. But Leonardo, a famous Mona Lisa painter, is so legendary, never to realize a sketch of a picture into something real happens. In the past, parachutes were deliberately designed to be used as a safety tool when a disaster occurred such as a fire in a tall building. At first a parachute was designed by Leonardo with a triangular shape. But this kind of parachute has never been found. Passing a century later, there was a man from Italian nationality named Fausto Veranzio again making a parachute with a different concept from Leonardo's painting. Although the hope of beginning this parachute idea came from a dream of a great painter. The Fausto concept was then poured in a book entitled: "Machine Nova" which was published around 1595 in the State of Venice. The book tells about 40 sketches with several designs of machines and equipment. There is a sketch that describes a human action plunging Payun using a rectangular parachute. In 1617 Fautso managed to realize a parachute that was designed, then began testing the parachuting from a tower in Venice. But there are pua who say that the Fausto concept has never been realized. Don't stop in Venice alone. The next parachuting effort was realized by Andre Jacques Garnerin from France. The man who was born on January 31, 1769 is known to learn a lot in the field of physics which previously he had joined military service in the French Country. During his time as a prisoner of war in Hungary, Garnerin tried to carry out several experiments in making and developing parachutes. Not only that he also succeeded in completing the design in 1797. The discovery of a parachute that has a round shape with a diameter of 23 feet. Like a concept applied by Leonardo and Fausto, Garnerin's original parachute is also still equipped with a framework. So that the shape is still not perfect which resembles an umbrella like the one we use everyday - to protect ourselves from the heat and rain. On October 22, 1797 Garnerin began testing his homemade parachute by jumping from a floating air balloon with a height of 975 meters above the ground level of Paris. But the parachute failed because Garnerin had difficulty controlling wind blows, causing the launch of Garnerin to be uncontrolled. But he landed safely. This success made Garnerin one of the first humans to have successfully used a parachute by jumping from an object that floated freely in space. This was followed by his wife Jeanne - Genevieve Garnerin who has managed to become the first successful figure to do skydiving. Although parachuting is done Garnerin uses a basket that is made into a seat to ride a parachute but this is a pride of its own. The parachute used is still in the form of a skeleton known as the Vented Parachute. The history of parachuting doesn't just stop there. The discovery of the parachute continues to be developed and made without a framework or known as the limp parachute by Tom Baldwin who came from America in 1897. Also found was a parachute that was controlled by American Leslie Irvin. in 1919. Furthermore, parachuting began to be widely used in military operations. Although there had been several obstacles to parachuting, the world began to be recognized as a sport as well as a means of recreation in 1950. Parachuting matches were first held in the world in Yugoslavia in 1951. This sport spread throughout the world and many make a hobby for sports lovers who can trigger this adrenaline. Parachutes then continue to be developed specifically and have sophisticated functions. That is the history of parachuting in the world. What about the development of parachutes in Indonesia? After knowing various discoveries to the development of becoming a sophisticated parachute in the world. Surely you want to know skydiving in this beloved homeland. In Indonesia, there is a sports organization called FASI. From Fasi there are 26 provinces that are included in it. FASI for the province of West Java has the most complete types of sports and some facilities. For motorized flying branches, West Java Province has several aircraft that are used for motorized flight activities. Even only in West Java has an acrobatic pilot with a civilian base. One of the reliable pilots for civil acrobatics is Alex Supeli. In West Java there are runways that can be used for all types of motorized flight activities, namely at Sulaiman Airport, Husen Sastranegara Airport, Lanukan Sukani, Kalijati Airport, Tasikmalaya Airport, Atang Sanjaya Airport, Penggung Airport which is in STPI Curu and Air Strip Lido Platform. For organizing the aeromodeling branch, the development is also quite good. In order to realize the progress of aeromodeling on the runway of Sulaiman Air Base in the mini Air Strip for the activity of flying a model aircraft. Parachuting in Indonesia is also experiencing rapid progress such as the hanging kite branch in West Java. In West Java, the Hang Hanging Branch has grown so rapidly, especially in the Kite branch. The kite branch itself is divided into 2 types, the gantole and the kite. One of the people who first managed to fly the gantole was Ervan Ibrahim. This match took place on Lagadar Ciamis hill in West Java. The aircraft was able to sit in the top position in several championships from 2001 to 2003. West Java is the richest place to be used as a floating hangout. Especially in the area of ​​Naringgul Hill (Bogor), Mount Haruman in the city of Garut Sumedang and is in Pelabuhan Ratu. The branch for microlight consists of 3 parts, namely ultralight, paramotor and trike. This activity took place most in West Java. One example is in Lido Bogor, there is a club and sellers of the three types of ordirga. In addition there is also in Sulaiman Airport which has provided special prices. For the activities of the branch aircraft that are engineered in the West Java Province also do not want to miss. An Aero Sport Indonesia Federation (FASI) in West Java Province, there are now some engineers and very active bidders to carry out these activities. If there is a cross country ordirga plane including an engineered aircraft, this flight never wants to miss and always wants to appear.

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