Ever since I was a kid, football has been one sport that I rate highly and no other sports compete with it as of then. It was not that I was technically gifted with the football skills needed to make it big in the game but that didn't or hasn't stopped me from loving the game.

My love for football also pushed me into loving other affiliates' stuff surrounding the game. Stuff like having a favorite sports team, playing football video games, and of course fantasy. I just so much love the sports that I had to look into its history to determine its origination.

Going deep into answering the question of why I love the game of football, the first is that it is a game of strategy and at the same time strength and quick thinking. When a football game is being played, teams are set up in a strategic manner in order to overcome their opponent, and that most times involves giving their all to become victorious.

Secondly, The game of football is filled with tricks, turns, flicks, and skills. These are the side attractions to the game that brings happiness and joy to the heart of fans and viewers worldwide. The dribbles mostly feel like a sugar rush and the excitement that comes with seeing a player get beaten with a skill is indescribable.

The viewers and football spectators also make the journey worthwhile. It will be hard watching a game of football among people and getting fed up with the match easily. Even if the match is boring and has provided no goals, the conversations among other football viewers are something that takes one away from stress and worries.

Lastly, football is my source of maximum unending source of premium entertainment due to the fact it is hard to predict, and that gives one something to look forward to. These unique facts alone make the game a very interesting one for me and I feel at peace while in front of a tv.