Some few days back, Cristiano Ronaldo was back in town as my post– ('Hawking' Cristiano could be Correct Afterall)– reports.

A meeting was scheduled to hold between Ronaldo's camp and the United camp(heirarchy and the coach).

Most of the world was not present in that meeting but "I was". Free of any charge,I will feed you with what happened their from my bank of imagination and news reports on that meeting.

Ronny: Goodmorning Chiefs,I'm utterly grateful for the cooperation you've given me, by permitting my absence from our pre-season thus far.

Hierarchy: It's our pleasure. Your well-being is our concern, especially your being our best player and the best in the world. We do hope you've now sorted out the issues that were such a bother.

Ronny: Yes Chiefs,the issues have been sorted out and my head is clearer now. My family and I did some intense soul searching and came up with what is a solution for this moment.

Agent: Urm Chiefs, as always it's an honour to work with you all. We are talking about the best player in the world,who also is now37-yrs-old. He also has absolutely no problem turning out for this team– arguably the best team in England and one of the best in the world. However, do you think it strange that he will be considering the Ballon d'Or trophy?


Agent contd: He has won it five times already and I don't anyone in this room will not want him to win it again, especially as he no longer has so many years before retirement.

The point is that we are faced with a system that disregards the Europa Cup as a key require for the Ballon d'Or trophy,no matter how good the player is. This is an absolute fact,we wish we can change the rules right away.

Heirarchy: Are you saying it's all about the player's ambition?

Agent: That can never be the case, that's why I referenced this club as arguably the very best in England and how it's such a pleasure for my client to play here.

Hierarchy: Okay then,pardon me to chip this in before you continue.

Be sure that our Europa league qualification has been a huge embarrassment to this club,infact a few of us here fell ill and one hospitalised last season when we discovered that mathematically we could make it to the Champions league. We are still recovering even now. That's why we quickly swung into action and got a world class coach in Erik ten Hag,in order for our fortunes to change quickly. We are also fully backing him,whether it be policy implementation or cash injection. The erstwhile coach,Ralph Rangnick resumed as a consultant after last season as his contract stipulates. He lasted only a few weeks. Why? The arrival of the new coach basically. He wanted a mode of operation that was different from our original plan and the kind of contract Rangnick signed. We backed the coach nonetheless, eventhough it meant losing a brilliant mind in Rangnick, who didn't want a change in the contract.

Secondly, you can scarcely find any serious club excusing their best player at a time there's a "revenge mission", when it not the case of injury to the player. These are crucial times in this club,with a fresh coach.If it was an old coach,maybe we may understand the best player's absence. A new project just began and your best player who is key to this project is unavailable? Who does that? But we took the lenient route,the compassionate(maybe illogical) step and excused him to sort himself out.

Agent: You have spoken absolutely well sir, and in truth we have not throughout this period of my clients absence taken it for granted that you all have gone out of your way to favour us.

In the spirit of your wanting the best for my client,as you have clearly demonstrated, we urge you to go a step further by helping him fulfil his Ballon d'Or dream. He has absolutely nothing against this his darling club but his age has something against him. He therefore needs to act fast and like I have explained before, the Champions league is the way. Infact we believe in the new boss to deliver that my client doesn't even need a permanent transfer, a loan move will be okay and he returns next season to play for this club.

Heirarchy: Hmmn,okay you mean he goes on loan and comes back next summer,with an expectation that we are back in the Champions league, meaning no harm to his Ballon d'Or vision.

Agent: Exactly Chiefs

Heirarchy: You know he signed for 2 seasons when he came,so we have to sort that out if he must go on loan. So what club are you looking at?

Agent: Chelsea


Heirarchy: please we've had enough. You mean he goes to a rival club to further increase their chances of a Champions League, thesame Champions league we crave. We think this meeting is over, we've tried our best to hear you out and be empathetic. A rival club? That's a step too far gentlemen.