Ever since the game against Malmo FF in the Champions League which saw Chelsea forwards; Lukaku and Timo Werner leave the scene due to injuries, the Chelsea team had continued to display incredible efforts and get stronger and stronger every step of the way. in fact, it is always difficult to pick the man of the match in most Chelsea games as 8 out 11 players always perform outstandingly.

Last night in the champion league against Juventus, Chelsea proof herself once again beating the Italian giant whooping 4:0. This is not the first time giants have fallen flat in Chelsea's presence, the level of coordination, tenacity, and determination they brought to last night's game was electrifying. Thiago Silver, Chelsea experience defender, amazingly kicked the touch line ball away of Chelsea's net as Morata beat Mendy to equalize the game. He saved the day to ensure Chelsea kept a clean sheet.

About The Game

Chelsea and Juventus have been a bottleneck for each other in the group H. Even the table is extremely tight as Chelsea leads with just one point. Last night's brew between the defending champions and Italy giant was a defining moment. Both teams knew what they had to do to make a difference as it is a survival of the fittest kind of game.

The blues welcomed the Italian side to Stanford Bridge. However, they didn't allow Juve to take control of their game. while it seems whatever the result, both of them would still qualify. Chelsea didn't take any chances. Beating Juve was indeed a message to cheeses knock-out opponent. the defending champions played with their eyes all focused on the glory

The home side kept pushing harder until they catch a break at the 22nd minute. Chaloba sent a beautiful shot into the back of Juve's net converting a corner kick. Juve almost equalize some minutes later but Silver stepped up to prevent the ball from going into the net as Mendy was beaten by an overhead kick from Morata.

Though Silver ensure to convert away the touchline ball from the net, it almost came at an enormous cost. He got injured for a while and was leaping before later regaining himself. Having Silver out of the match that early would have been devastating. It's a blessing he got back into the game.

During the second half, Reese James fired an electrifying shot into the back of the net to extend Chelsea's lead by 2 goals to nothing. Two minutes later Odoi sent another ball into the back of the net to make it 3 goals to nothing. Chelsea was already in control and dominated the game. Truly they deserve the win. At ninety-fourth minute, Timo Werner who just came back from injury and a subtitute converted a pass from Zylech to make it 4:0 at full time.

The Players

Chelsea's players have continued to show massive efforts both in the domestic league and the Champions League. They are all head-on into every game and played as a team. Even when the odds are against them, they find a way to come out outstanding. It is no doubt that they are working assiduously to defend the champions league title. The Premier League leaders and defending champions have shown tactical football on the pitch of late.

Though Reese James claimed the Man of the Match, It is usually very difficult to pick the man of the match as most of the squad show surprisingly outstanding performance. Chelsea has become difficult for most of their opponents because they don't depend on a single player and any player can score from anywhere. What is important the most is winning the game. Chelsea has no true forward, they simply work as a team and score the ball whenever the chances are available.


Chelsea has remained the group leader with four points and has majestically qualified for the knockout stage. Juventus also qualified as the second-best in the group. Right now, Chelsea has to be way careful and keep the fighting spirit alive if they are to defend the champions league title. Every game from now on is an exit door for the weak. Chelsea must concentrate all their energy to see them through to the quarter-finals and hopefully to the finals.