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The Ballon D'Or that almost killed me (literally)
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating the Ballon D'Or 2014A large part of the most important moments of my life are inherently linked to football, directly or indirectly. It is practically impossible to separate myself from football. But this time I will tell you about an occasion when a great football event that caused me an unparalleled joy, almost marks the end of my life (or so I think). We are in 2015, more specifically on Monday, January 12. At that time I was studying at the university and for the vast majority of young people that day only represented the beginning of a new term of classes. But for me, that Monday was the day of delivery of the FIFA Ballon D'Or 2014 the individual prize for excellence in World football.I have never missed any of these galas, but this year's was particular since he was once again among the tenants Cristiano Ronaldo, idol of my Real Madrid and one of the players I love the most. And not only was he nominated, but he was the top favorite to take the prize for the second year in a row, having won the previous year. In college I studied in the morning shift and since I went to school I only thought of getting home to see the ceremony. Finally my classes ended and I went home to see Cristiano. As soon as I arrived, I had a quick lunch and settled in my room on the second floor to see the gala that started at 1:00 p.m. My parents and my little sister were leaving, so I would just stay at home; better for me, I could scream and celebrate with total freedom. So I said goodbye and immediately I hit the TV next to the soda that was left over from lunch. The gala started and my nerves increased. They were passing all the rewards of filling until finally it was time to deliver the Ballon D'Or. Messi, Neuer and Cristiano were focused while Thierry Henry opened in envelope containing the name of the winner. When Henry says "Cristiano Ronaldo", he can not help but jump for joy, scream and start clapping like crazy with a stupid smile that was impossible to erase from my face. I still laugh at the expression of Neuer saying that "really?", To hear that Cristiano was the winner. Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo went up to receive his prize that consecrated him as the best footballer in the world. That day, in the middle of the award speech, was born the mythical "¡SIIIUUU!" Of Cristiano that was repeated time after time at the Bernabéu in each of the goals and obviously obviously imitated that day and many others. Until that moment everything was happiness. Once the ceremony was over, I prepared to go down to the kitchen to drink water and assimilate the emotion of the moment. That's when I open the door and I find a wall of black smoke in front of me. Immediately I closed the door of my room alarmed, I opened again and confirmed that it was not my imagination: there was a black cloud that did not allow me to see anything at all. I literally could not see past my nose. I took my cloth, put it on my face and launched into the unknown. The first thing I did was to throw myself on the ground so I could breathe better and I climbed down carefully and almost memorized the stairs to the ground floor. Upon reaching down, the smoke was but and even more dense. Immediately I opened all the doors and windows of my house and the smoke began to dissipate little by little. With the clearest picture, I went to the kitchen and found the source of the problem. What happened is that my mother put the kitchen towels in hot water before going out (apparently this is done by hygiene, to kill the bacteria). He took an cooking pot, filled it with water, put in the cloths and lit the kitchen. Obviously she completely forgot to turn them off and she also forgot to mention it before leaving. SourceI turned off the kitchen, removed the cooking pot and put it to soak in the dishwasher. The reality is that it had been totally charred. From the outside, my house looked like that typical building image in fires with smoke coming out everywhere. On second thought, almost at the end of the Ballon D'Or my eyes began to get teary. I thought it was because of the emotion, but then I realized that it was smoke that was beginning to flood my room. Maybe they think that seeing all that smoke coming out of my house the neighbors would be alarmed, but nothing could be further from reality. It turns out that I live in a small closed housing complex, where most of the owners work full time. That means that during the day my street is practically alone, so I could have died in a fire in my house and perhaps nobody would have noticed immediately. Finally all the smoke came out of my house and I could only laugh at what happened. That afternoon I spent celebrating the Ballon D'Or of Cristiano Ronaldo almost to death suffocated in my own home. And again, football was going to be linked to a significant moment in my life, as it always has been and how it always will be.

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