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''400 La Liga Goal Record'' Messi best moment
IMAGE SOURCE Lionel Messi scored 400 goals in Spain's Primera Division. messi has made his debut as the best moment."I can not forget Ronaldinho's first goal. Messi is a living legend in Barcelona. In 2004, he appeared at the age of 17 in La liga, and since then he has grown to become the best player in football. Along with his brilliant winning career, in 2012 he scored 91 goals alone, replacing Gerd Müller (85 goals). The endless Messi added a new history this year. Messi scored his 400 goals in 435 league games in the 19th round of spanish laliga against Eibar. "I am very proud to have scored 400 goals and hope to score more goals in the future," said Messi. "I like to focus on the day without worrying about the numbers and the numbers. "I want to help the team win with goals as well as assists or decisive movements." "It is better to win three points than every game, I try to help, I want to help my club to victory with trophies, goals as well as assists. "I have always been very impressed with goals from El Clasico, I also remember playing against a very good team, and I am very lucky to score in front of our fans against such teams from Atlético, Valencia and Sevilla." Messi looked back at the process until he scored 400 goals and commented on the best moment with the words "I can not forget Ronaldinho's pass which allowed me to score my debut on May 1, 2005 in Albacete. In the second half of the match, Messi scored the first goal in the pro with a left-footed finish with a Roving pass from Ronaldinho. Finally, Messi said, "The most important thing is the goals that lead us to victory rather than putting them in a good shape." "If it was not for the help of my colleagues, it would not have been possible to come here."

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