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Happy Moan-Day, A Legend Announces Retirement..
Source Have you ever watched someone you love so much leave or having to face the fact that you will no longer be seeing a particular person you love so much regularly?? Take for example, I am a fan of the team Real Madrid, you probably have no idea of how it felt to imagine that I would no longer be seeing or watching one of the very best in our history, Cristiano Ronaldo don the popular white shirt and produce series of amazing displays week in and week out, It sure felt like a very important part of me was taken away. source This is exactly the same way major football fans felt after hearing a sad news from one of the best striker to have ever played the sport. You just can't believe it, but yet it is happening right in our very eyes, the football pitch is about to count another absentee in its register. When Didier Drogba broke the news of his retirement come end of season, it was met with much sadness, it seems like yesterday when Didier Drogba or Double D as he was fondly called was lighting up the premier league, scoring very crucial goals. He played a vital part in revitalizing the west London team, Chelsea FC under their current owner Abrahamovic. Drogba started his career at French side Le Mans in 1998 and was a low profile player until he signed for Guingamp in the year 2002.. A year later he moved to Olympique Marseille and was later scouted and bought by a Jose Mourinho that was seeking to bring glory to the Chelsea team that just handed him the opportunity of replicating his success at FC Porto. Before Drogba's arrival, for over 50years, Chelsea hasn't lifted the English Premier League title but Drogba became their focal point in attack and he drove them to the title. Source He went on to win them their first ever Uefa Champions League title, equalizing the goal that took them to penalty shoot-out and he scored the winning penalty. Till date, Drogba remains a legend at Chelsea, he left as their fourth highest goalscorer.. Drogba not only did his best for Chelsea, whenever he was called upon by his country, he made sure to deliver. He made over 100 appearances for Ivory Coast and twice won the African Best Player.. source He announced his retirement and it was a lot to take in from football lovers as we were left to remember his heroic moments and wish we could make him younger again. My quote for Drogba lovers, "Whatever that has a beginning has an end, such is life".. Double D might retire from football but his legacy remains... A BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE LEGEND!!! ______________________________________________________________________________________ Are you a blogger? Are you facing difficulties garnering views on your posts? This contest and others organized by the very generous Pete is the go to place for assistance. The above story of mine is an entry for one of his weekly contests, you can check the link below for participation.. THANKS FOR READING..