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Cristiano Ronaldo thinks his goal is best
Mohammad Salah won the FIFA Award for the year (Puskas Award). Cristiano Ronaldo thinks his goal is best Debate arose at the hands of FIFA Puskas Award (Globe of the Year) Mohammad Salah. Is the Egyptian forward goal really worth the reward? The discussion is still under question. Starring Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sozasapatai said, Salah Golta is not worthy of this award. Cristiano Ronaldo threw his voice with him FIFA had prepared a short list of 10 goals for the goal of the year. Among these, Ronaldo and Gareth Bale have two spectacular goals in the bicycle last season of the Champions League. Apart from this, Lionel Messi's extraordinary 'Finnish' in the World Cup has also been shortlisted for the World Cup. That was the goal of the World Cup, which was stopped by Dennis Cherishev. But with all the surprise, Puskas Award went on to Salah. He scored the award against Everton in December last year. The Liverpool star scored the ball in the left foot of the left foot, after spending two players at the right end of the box. Goal is undoubtedly good but Salah's goal was not considered as the goal of the English Premier League (Goal of the Month) last December. So the question arose immediately after the Puskas Award - how to win the award for the year in which the league does not get a place as the best of the month? There has been a lot of discussion and criticism and analysis since then. Most of which are against the award of salah. And Ronaldo opened his mouth this opportunity. The Portuguese star was absent on the day of the FIFA award ceremony. There is a buzz about this: Ronaldo knew earlier that he was not getting the award for the year. So did not go to the ceremony. Just like the UEFA event of that year. However, Ronaldo did not tell Salah's goal that he does not think he's the best, at the press conference or in the statement. Juventus star Salah praised the goal in direct video of Instagram, but Sajasapta said, "Let's not tell ourselves the lie to myself from neutral-my goal was the best." Ronaldo said beforehand, "Salahar Puskas trophy was deserved. Goals are good too. Lucky Rodriguez won the trophy for the FIFA World Player of the Year. Ronaldo congratulated the former club teammate, "Congratulations to the winner to win the prize." Although not able to win the prize, he also remembered his place in the videocassette for five times the footballer, "I won many awards. I play for the win, not for the prize. I was at the top of 15 years, I am proud of what I did. '