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Autumn Champion - Could be a booby trap!
I have no idea how many years or decades ago it must have been that the Hamburger Sportverein was able to boast about any title. But after the 2-1 away win at MSV Duisburg, the time had finally come. Of course, most fans of the six-time champion from northern Germany won't be in the mood for a long scream of joy at the end of this year. For the first time in the history of the traditional club, they are no longer playing in the highest German league, the Bundesliga, but t one floor lower in the second league. At their home games, the club still plays in front of a more than respectable crowd of over 50,000 fans on average, but even the most loyal fans have to admit that a lot has gone wrong in recent years. With this fan average, HSV is in 20th place among the clubs with the biggest audiences worldwide. For a second league club, that's a great achievement. Not the of player, but the fans! CC source By the expectations of its own officials, HSV belongs in the Champions League, but the team's performance in this decade has seldom been suitable for a first division team. Several times in the last seasons, the team only managed to maintain their class just before the end of the season or even on the last matchday, but in 2017-2018 the time had come. The boat carrying the majestic Hamburger Sportverein sank and after the summer break reappeared for the first time in the 2nd Bundesliga. And even if the team had taken up the cause of immediate promotion, they started with an embarrassing debacle. The first home game was grandiosely lost against Holstein Kiel, and talks about the total downfall of the HSV were all over town After another debacle in front of their own spectators, the club did what it does best. Firing the coach. In the last 10 years, they have managed to do that 19 times, believe it or not, and only to be faced with the same mess shortly afterwards. The new coach Hannes Wolf surprisingly had the best starting record of all previous HSV coaches and under him the team is still undefeated. But when you take a closer look at the games, you quickly notice that HSV is not always the dominant team. The individual class of the former Bundesliga players as well as the experience of the whole team are the decisive factors. The runners-up are still breathing down HSV's neck, especially the other relegated team, 1. FC Köln, won't let themselves be shaken off without further ado. And then there is my other favourite team, the 1. FC Union Berlin. The club from the eastern suburbs of Berlin has never played in the Bundesliga before and is currently sitting on the third place in the second league, which would entitle for the final relegation/promotion matches again the 16th of the Bundesliga. However I would prefer to avoid those games, and to finish the season on one of the first two places. As only team of the 2nd Bundesliga Union Berlin is still undefeated in this season and I will be very pleased if the EISERNEN finally make it to the top, after they had knocked at the door of the German football upper house so often in the last years. So far always in vain. The HSV must be careful and should not hang the title of autumn champion of the 2nd Bundesliga too high. Unfortunately, the club superiors have always managed to turn even the best and most promising situations into a debacle or disaster. The final settlement is made at the end, and until then it is still half a season to go. So let's wait and see in May for whom there will be champagne or water to celebrate.NUR DER HSV !