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Luiz Suarez returned to shame Real Madrid 3-0
Image Source In the second leg semi-final last night, Real Madrid was again humiliated by their great-looking opponent, Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey event. Solari's squad must accept the harsh reality, three goals without reply. This is the sixth time Barcelona have entered the Copa Del Rey final in a row. Luiz Suarez returned to being the player who scored two goals in the El Clasico match. In fact, he almost got a hat trick, if only Rafael Varane hadn't broken his own net. The opportunity will be used well by the Uruguayan player. With the results of that victory, Barcelona also officially advanced to the Copa Del Rey final. Barcelona were declared win 4-1 on aggregate. Lionel Messi and friends finally advanced to the final six times in a row. With one goal away, Real Madrid play very carefully. However, they were still able to launch an attack on Barcelona even though no goals were created. Real Madrid's first chance occurred in the 18th minute, but Vinicius Junior was unable to take advantage of the opportunity well, his shot slid very high above the Barcelona goal. Then in the 38th minute, Vinicius Junior used the pull bait from Reguilon well. But again he bad luck scored. His shot only produced a kick goal because of the unstable position of the body when executing the shot. Barcelona only held back the attack from the rival in the first round. There were no dangerous attacks or shots from Barcelona for Real Madrid in the first half by Los Merengues' players. Until the first half ended, the position was 0-0. Image source But when the second half went on, the game's position was immediately taken over by Ernesto Valverde's son. Five minutes of the second half took place. The feedback from Ousmane could be used by Suarez well. He was in the penalty box position and immediately broke through Navas 1-0. Barcelona's second goal came when feedback from Luiz Suarez could not be driven away by Rafael Varane. Worse, in the 69th minute, the Frenchman broke into his own net. Until the position changed 2-0. In the 73rd minute, the referee unhesitatingly showed a white spot. After Casemiro committed a foul on Luiz Suarez in the penalty box. The former Liverpool player finally managed to do his job as executor of the penalty well, until the position 0-3. In the remaining 30 minutes, Real Madrid tried to find a minimum of hope to minimize the position. But the attack after the attack launched by Barcelona, ​​not enough to make Karim Benzema and friends fired shots on Barcelona. Until the game ended, no goals were added. Position stayed 0-3. The squad strengthened by Lionel Messi was declared the winner and officially entered the 2018/2019 Copa Del Rey final.