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Ozil should be in starting lineup for Arsenal and here are the reasons why?
Ozil wants to stay at the club and play every week. Ozil isn’t the one forcing a move, the board is clearly trying to force him out of the club. Arsenal hasn’t won an away game since Ozil last played against Crystal Palace. Ozil is key to our team, whether you like it or not, as no player provides the creativity that he does. It’s really pretty simple. Ozil isn’t a box to box midfielder. He isn’t the type that’ll track back. We’ve known this about his game for so long. No way is he going to change his game after playing that way for so long. However, if we have a solid Defense and a solid midfield under Ozil, it wouldn’t matter if he tracked back or not. Image source Ozil is without a doubt the most creative player on the team. Just give him the freedom to do what he has to do and surround him with players who can play their part. He is needed at Arsenal. Ozil performs better than any other one of our playmakers, he doesn't necessarily work hard but he works smart, he's 30 and has created more chances per game. We clearly lack creativity when he doesn't play, as evident against west ham. We need him against Chelsea this weekend, there is no way we will progress at this rate. It honestly angers me to not see such a talented player on the first team, let alone the whole squad! Emery should start him but this could yet be another Sanchez Wenger moment which could tare up the dressing room. Mesut is an excellent player. Emery facing heavy criticism for his team lineups. Emery can't drop our best player for a tactical reason. Anyways. We the gunners are always with our idol Mesut. We need Ozil. We have 2 amazing strikers Auba and Laca who he can provide for when Ozil was playing at the start of the season we were winning games and scoring goals since we dropped so many points. I love Ozil but Arsenal is always no 1! If that sort of surgery is needed for us to go back to where we belong we should take a bit of pain and have this! In all fairness. He should play as a £350 k a week every game! Whatever needs to be done, Get it done! No more messing about!