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Arsenal trying to get rid of Mkhitaryan,Ozil,Chamber and Elneny to lift up their financial status
Arsenal just signed a major deal with Adidas so how don't they have money to keep world class players, sure sometimes they don't give the full commitment, but they raise when we need them. Ozil has always been an amazing player and during December and January when he was out we were lacking creativity, that's why we were not scoring and winning games. Image source At the moment arsenal, need players like Mhiki also because he has experience as we can see unai is looking to bring youngsters and groom them, and youngsters need players to look up to and regarding Mustafi sure he messes up a lot of the time, plays around though he got. Great leadership qualities, always making good vibes in the change room and around players and no matter what people say he is really committed, countless times we have seen him put his body on the line to make blocks. Big mistake selling Mkhi the man is hitting form and we want to cash in the likes of Mustafi, Elneny, require to be sold. I'm sure Arsenal have more spending power than is reported. First, let's concentrate on this season then decide what resources we can remove and then bolster the squad. How about grow a pair, spend some cash get a squad with enough depth to compete for something and then start worrying about who to get rid of. Wouldn't be too keen on any of the players mentioned but if they get rid of them you've literally got nobody to replace them. But all I can say is if Ramsey is going then we should keep Mkhitaryan, Ozil has probably been one of our best players(if not the best) this past month, Chambers is doing bits at Fulham and should be given a chance at the arsenal.