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Emery-Ozil-Board relationship creating lots of Problems for Arsenal
You can tell there is definitely not even a hint of friendship going on. Ozil is needed in the squad as an ST & Away member I know Ozil is the quality we need. The bottom line is the Board want him to volunteer to leave so they can take his wages off the books. A trade is not possible so it’s that or Ozil sits tight and decides money is Emery is risking his position by ignoring Ozil. I hope his decision won't backfire him, just like at PSG. Fingers crossed. Arsenal is banking on Ozil choosing career over money by leaving him out. It’s a gamble. At the end of the day is their fault for offering him such an insane and overpaid contract. Can’t blame him for wanting to stay. I just want özil to play frequently. We lack creativity recently and Ramsey will be sold next season. Suarez is also not offering much for now as he always not in first eleven tho. We need Ozil. Image source Ozil is among our best player. We should build the team around him. Iwobi playing every important game, it makes no sense. Even if Ramsey in out at the end of the season he is there, for now, he and Ozil could do better than other players. We hardly win a game now. Ozil is a player that's full of creativity and surprise. We keep loosing because we have no player with creativity. We just keep passing back all the time. Ozil is an experienced player we need him. In my opinion- Ozil should definitely start ahead of a few of our regular starters. If not, then the least he deserves is to come in as a sub to change the way we play as a plan B. Completely excluding Ozil is a very disgraceful way to treat a player of his repute. Moving Ozil now is only being made harder. He is easily in the top 11. I have no problem with him wanting to build the squad in his own image over time but isolating the best player is selfish on his part to the fans. The team is boring to watch and is always off to a slow start even during the win streak. We were mainly fortunate to get some of the results. Ironically we now have two good strikers. Perfect for a playmaker like Ozil. So he is not up to the job at hand the board made a mistake with this. We are less exciting going forward and our defense is worse. I think in light of recent inconsistent results he may give Ozil a chance. I think Ozil needs to play every game if he is fit so that he can have game time. It’s very hard to regain form when you play stop play etc. To be fair to Emery was doing well in the first half of the seasons mostly in the absence of Ozil. I truly believe that he will play because he won’t even be sellable for much money if he isn’t playing. Ozil may not be the type of player that is tackling or running like a headless chicken, but we all know the impact and benefits he can be to this team especially the strikers. You can't drop the most creative midfielder on the bench for stupid reasons and arsenal are just making things worse for themselves and not Ozil because if you don't play him no one will want to buy him and pay him such amount and he won't leave arsenal till his contract runs out.