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NBA Prohibited from Performing at 2018 Asian Games, Filipino Basketball Players Are Disappointed
Jordan Clarkson's hopes of appearing at the 2018 Asian Games will certainly disappear. Because Cleveland Cavaliers players are banned from appearing for the Philippine national team by the NBA. The former Los Angeles Lakers player does have Filipino blood from his grandmother. Even so, he has not even appeared to defend the Philippines and intends to undergo a national team debut at this Asian Games. Previously, Clarkson actually had permission from the Cavaliers and Olympic Council of Asia to play with the Philippines in this event. However, the NBA rejected this from the FIBA ​​agreement which stipulated that players in the NBA could only participate in the Olympics, FIBA ​​World Cup and Continental Cup competitions. "The NBA agreement with the FIBA ​​is allowing NBA players to participate in the Olympics, FIBA ​​world championships, continental championships and tournament qualifications in each association," NBA spokesman Tim Frank was quoted as saying by NBS. "Because the Asian Games are not one of those competitions, NBA players cannot participate. Under the NBA agreement with FIBA, Jordan was only allowed to defend the Philippines in an agreed competition." Naturally Clarkson expressed his disappointment at that. He uploaded his Philippine jersey photo which is ready to be used for the 2018 Asian Games while writing curses. "For my brothers in the Philippines, I was really disappointed because I was not allowed to play at the Asian Games with the national team (Philippines). Apart from I wasn't there, I would still be with my (Filipino) colleagues in heart and spirit," he revealed on a Facebook account. "Even so, my desire and ambition to play with fellow countrymen still exists. I have confidence that this dream must immediately become a reality," he continued. Many fans are disappointed with the NBA's decision. Because, two Chinese players in the NBA, Zhou Qi (Houston Rockets) and Ding Yanyunhang (Dallas Mavericks) can perform at the 2018 Asian Games.