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Jimmy Butler Leases Private Airplane for Fellow Tyus Jones to Watch His Brother Play
Source While they were in Los Angeles to face the Lakers, Jones he was stagnant and had a hard time watching his younger brother play, who would start the season playing as a Duke-based assembler in his first year of college. Solidarity That happened on Tuesday night, November 6, Jones could not take commercial flights, it was going to be difficult for time, because he had the commitment in Los Angeles to see the faces in front of the Lakers, began to worry because he had the alternative of watching the game on ESPN as most, but Jimmy Butler solved the problem by hiring a private flight for the 2 to Indianapolis to enjoy the game of his brother and return to Los Angeles for the battle against the Lakers. Source Tyus Jones traveled alone since Butler did not travel with him. Jones' brother had a moderate performance played 31 minutes but could have his brother's presence in the sand, thanks to Butler's excellent action. Gratitude Jones had these textual words "That's my boy," Butler said during the ESPN (via Yahoo Sports) broadcast. "Very selfless. I was actually supposed to be here, but something came up. He told me to go anyway. "It's crazy," he added. "I'm used to having the Duke sweater. So seeing Tre around with Duke's shirt on, that's special. Source My Reflection on the Subject When we look at these good deeds in sport, of one teammate worrying about another, we can understand that more important are the valuable moments we may have and the money goes into the background, especially from professional NBA basketball players who earn millions of dollars.