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NBA Highlights Episode 3: Do you believe that a 34-year old Kobe can carry this Lakers team to the playoffs?
Image Source The Lakers ruined everything this season and wasted one good year of the aging LeBron James. But, who is the one to blame about this failure? Is it the Magic and Pelinka? the whole front office? Lakers roster? or is it LeBron James? They had a really good chance despite all the injuries but they screw up and loss to the weak teams that are beatable. Now, they dropped out of the playoff picture and looks like impossible for them to still reach the playoffs. By the way, I think they've already give up as they already shut down they're young stars for this season because of injuries. Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram will not play for the rest of the season and they already gave LeBron James a minute restriction. After all the disappointment from the Lakers fans, they all needed a superhero to bring the Lakers to the top of the basketball world again. And by thinking about this, I think they needed they're true hero, Kobe Bryant. We need Kobe Bryant. We need the Mamba Mentality. We need his killer instinct. LeBron doesn't have that. LeBron is not a killer and we need that. I don't see the hunger in LBJ's movements and acts. And in fact, he already stated that he doesn't have anything left to prove and that means it's okay for him even if he and the Lakers won't win a championship. It is just not a good attitude and the Lakers is in trouble if LBJ has that kind of mindset. I think he should want more. He should be hungry and he should prove to the Lakers fans that he can give them a championship. If Kobe is with this Lakers team, I think he will do everything he can to make a playoff push despite all of the challenges. And I assure you that he will not let this happen to his Lakers. He will not let those weak teams to beat them especially when the playoffs chances is on the line. I am not putting all the blame to LBJ, but he is the only one who can change things for the Lakers. He is the most impactful player on the team and we know him. He can carry this kind of team to the playoffs if he wanted to. Last year's Cleveland Cavaliers is weaker than this Lakers team so I don't really think that LBJ can't carry this team if he gave all he's got. But at the end of the day, Kobe will always be the greatest Laker to ever play the game.