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Tigers vs Gators: who are you takin'?
Rather big rivalry in the swamp today. #5 vs #21 i think. After watching how great LSU was in that Bama battle and an over-rated gator (no bias i went to FSU) defense I don't think LSU coming into this has anything to worry about. I think the gators are getting a much more generous line here. The line should be more like -5 or even -6.Joe Burrow looks great, I think this guy is the real deal and a heavy LSU D is going to be tough for the gators. I think Florida will pick up their 2nd loss today.LSU has managed to beat out both Miami and Auburn this year both ranked top ten teams where as Florida barely won against Mississippi State last week. Playing in the swamp does command some value here, but the -2.5 margin here is like a GOLDEN TICKET in my opinion.And now has dropped to -1.5 Im all over it. Sorry @swolesome your gators are going to get destroyed today. So here's the take.Taking LSU ML today because at -120 for -1.5 you might as well lay the juice on the -120 for the money line and take LSU. I think this game is severely under valued and you should go with guns blazing here. Theres a reason why Florida is #22 its because they haven't played anyone hard. It's time for LSU to shut these gators down and have them join the Noles with a few more losses today.Making LSU - ML my afternoon pick. As As Always If you question my Accuracy Stats you can either review each post here, I don’t erase any picks wins or losses, or just go to my BIO to see my Stats. I update them after each game in completed. Sports Picker: MLB 5-3 (62%)NFL 7-6 (54%) NCAA 12-5 (70%) How to find me Steemit: Steemit: Discord SugarSteem: Discord: TheUXyeti or TheUXyeti#5698 Dlive Channel: IG: thetravelyeti Twitter: