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How to tell if your team is good.
Step 1: Check your team's record. If it is good, they are good. Post over. Wait. It's not that simple. We have all seen teams who have good records thanks to some lucky bounces or a weak schedule. In fact, in the last 15 years, the NFL has had two teams "earn" a spot in the playoffs without a winning record. The 2004 Rams won a wild card spot despite going 8 - that year. An even bigger surprise was the 2010 Seahawks winning their division despite finishing 7 - 9. Those teams were not good. I mean how can you tell if your team is really good? If you have this guy, your team is automatically good. Some may argue that your football team is good when all three phases of the game work perfectly together. If a team consistently puts together good offense, defense and special team efforts, the team is good ... right? Sure. That is an easy one. But how often does a team dominate in all three areas? It is far more likely for a team to consistently dominate in one or two of those while the third is not so hot. Sometimes a team is so excellent in one area, that the other two don't seem to matter (I'm looking at you Kansas City Chiefs offense... which is sensational!) If you have this guy, your team is also automatically good. However, what I think truly makes a team good is when they are good enough in all three phases that any one of them can carry the team when the other pieces lay a complete turd. I give you the 2018 Chicago Bears! This team is flat out good. They have won games when their offense and defense both performed well against the Bucs, Seahawks, Jets and Bills. The offense carried them against the Lions and Vikings. But the true wake up call happened on Sunday night. The Rams entered Soldier Field with one of the most prolific offenses in the history of the game. The Bears held out their starting QB, Mitchell Trubisky, the previous week in order to ensure he would be in top condition for the very predictable shootout. Then something terrible happened. Trubisky and the Bears offense laid one of the biggest eggs they have in several years. The QB passed for just 110 yards, threw 3 interceptions and his only TD was on an awesome trick play to an offensive linemen. Even though the Bears ran the ball well, they could only muster 13 offensive points (and 6 of those came after the defense set them up in great field position). With those numbers, there was no way the Bears should have even been close to the Rams and wunderkind Sean McVay's brilliant offense. Strip Sack!!!!!!! And yet, the bears completely dominated thanks to a tenacious pass rush and a secondary who leads the league in interceptions. The Bears defense flat out made the Rams look silly. The 15 -6 win was simply amazing! After such an emotional performance, it is quite possible that the Bears defense could have a letdown this week against the Packers. But if they do, it is equally possible that the Bears offense will carry the load for the team. The Bears no longer have to play perfect games in order to beat their opponents. The Bears are good. Very good. Oh yeah. You are also good if this douche bag is no longer on your team. Remember that time Jay Cutler cared? me neither.