NFL / bears

It has taken me four days to get over the Bears loss.
It has been a little over 84 hours since the Bears crushed the hopes and dreams of an entire city. When it happened, I laid face down on my living room floor for a good three minutes. I didn't scream. I didn't swear.... which is rare for me. I just laid there. I hope the mascot enjoyed some delicious bourbon after this as well. After I had laid in stunned silence long enough, I picked myself up, went to the kitchen, poured myself some bourbon, and sat in silence sipping my liquid fire. Then I went and watched The Simpsons with my son and managed to clear my mind. During the 84 hours that have passed since the second "doink" (oh yeah the kick hit the crossbar too), I have coped with the grief by trying to completely ignore the fact that the season ended with yet another Cody Parkey kick hitting an upright. If it didn't hurt so much, the fact that he did it six times this year would actually be pretty amazing. I am finally ready to face the misery of a squandered Super Bowl quality defense. But I am not ready to blame the kicker, Cody Parkey. Sure he should have hit a 43 yarder to help his team advance in the playoffs. After all, as Viking coach Mike Zimmer will tell you, kickers get paid to do one thing. ONE THING! When they don't do it, the team loses. But the Bears' problem was far bigger than Cody Parkey only hitting 75% of the Field Goals he kicked on Sunday. Pick your head up kid. Its not your fault your team had to settle for four field goal attempts. The Bears lost because Parkey was forced to kick four field goals. I think it is pretty simple. If your team needs to rely on four field goals in order to win... you deserve to lose (I'm looking at you Chargers who only squeaked out a field goal filled victory because the opponent's QB gimmick stopped working). The NFL is about scoring touchdowns. If you settle, you deserve to lose. Fortune favors the bold. The Defense gave up 16 points. They did their job. The special teams had some nice punts, 3 field goals, and a great kick return to spark the final drive. They did their job. The offense settled for 4 field goals. They failed... miserably. I don't care that Trubisky's QB rating was off the charts during the fourth quarter. If it were great the first quarter and sucked the rest of the way, would he be praised? Nope. Nor should he be. I love the Bears head coach Matt Nagy. I think he is going to be a fantastic head coach. But he is incredibly inexperienced. So is his QB. Sadly, inexperienced people make mistakes... even if they are talented. I could break down the entire offensive strategy to point out a ton of flaws. But let me sum it up with one number:4 That is the number of touches from scrimmage Tarik Cohen got in the game. This guy is electric! I guess the Bears forgot to plug him in over night. The guy is without a doubt the Bears most dynamic weapon. In the biggest game of the year, he received his fewest touches. Four attempted field goals. Four touches for your best weapon. Game over. You lose. I also lied. Four is not the number of days it takes to get over this loss. It will be far more.