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Golden Tournaments - Starts 25th Feb with weekly 25SCR prize
Although my last 2 series ALT series and The Four series were a decent success I feel like the time between each tournament was too much. The Little Mikey tournaments by @Mikey were a big success and ran frequently so I have learn 't from that. That is the reason for beginning the Golden tournaments, once the littler Mikey tournament is done theres a big 5-8 hour gap untill the next tournament. So I am going to host a freeroll in the middle to fill the time. Golden Structure Runs Mon-Fri at 12:00pm CST Every tournament is PLO/PLH All tournaments are 5 SCR prizepool The Weekly leaderboard winner gets 25 SCR Leaderboard points structure 1st 10 points 2nd 5 points 3rd 2 points Goldhunter's tip for PLO/PLH The greatest consideration for "Pot limit" games is POT CONTROL and 3+ handed "hand selections". Pot control is when you choose to not bet because you feel the EV (expected value) of you hand may significantly decrease if a tricky card comes on the turn/river, also checking behind 2nd pair and potential re-draws can reduce suck-out ratios. Because the game is limited to the size of the pot this enables you to know from the flop the maximum you have to call for a showdown even if you run into some idiot calling with 32 off pre-flop or chasing runner runners. Use the pot control and it will help you to reduce idiots out to be clever on one time wins(chasing from a losing point to win). 3+ handed selections, well this really is golden information so I'm not going to tell you but simply leave you with room for thought. Would you consider a K or Q high flush draw 4 handed valuable (PLO)? Is there much value in 56j9 double suited if the suited is as likely to get you in trouble? This is a powerful hand HU but not 3+. The more people that are in the hand in PLO the more value (and risk) you will have. PS. These are test run tournaments, those who I feel try to play well rather than gamble get lucky and play dice will gain entry to my next series which will have next high prize pools and will require a ticket for entry, GL! If you have seen a date change that is my bad, the tournaments need to start from a Monday to make things better for a leaderboard.