Here anyone can nominate Who you think is the most broken-hearted member of the sports world for last week, and then try to cheer them up or give them some advice.

Many of us grew up being told that Santa Claus kept a list where he recorded the names of all the boys and girls in the world and marked whether they had been naughty or nice during the year. Then On Christmas Eve Santa delivered treats to the stockings and placed presents under the Christmas tree of all the good children, but the bad children received switches or lumps of coal in their stockings and they received no gifts under the tree.

So in the spirit of a Santa Claus style Christmas Eve Happy Moan-Day, this contest will be about all of the bad boys and girls of the sports world this year and why they don't deserve any treats or gifts from Santa on Christmas.

To be one of this week's winners for our Christmas Eve Special, just nominate a member of the sports world who you think most deserves to be on Santa's naughty list!

All Happy Moan-Day Contest qualifying entries will receive a 50% upvote from me and there will be 3 winners for the contest with prizes totaling 60 SCR.

1st place will receive 30 SCR

2nd place will receive 20 SCR

3rd place will receive 10 SCR

Special Christmas Eve Happy Moan-Day Rules

  • To enter this contest you must write and publish your own blog with the Title "Happy Moan-day ______________ You're now on Santa's naughty list!" Fill in the blank with the name of a personality from the sports world that you want to have put on Santa's naughty list. This must be concerning something that has happened during the year 2018.
  • Next include a photo, meme, short video clip, a screenshot or something similar that best represents the subject that you used to fill in the title blank. Make sure that you have usage rights and provide any necessary links.
  • Now you need to write a blog of at least 450 words to describe what happened and who was involved, as well as the reason that you are nominating them for moaners of the week.
  • Provide a link back to this blog somewhere in your Moanful Monday Blog.
  • At the end of your blog provide some advice to the subject of your blog on how to stay off of Santa's naughty list from now on.
  • Once your Moanful Monday blog has been posted then leave a link to it in the comment section below so that I will know that you have entered the contest and I can then visit and upvote your blog.
  • Your blog can be posted at any time before midnight Sunday night where you live.

Everyone is encouraged to read and support as many of the Moanful Monday blogs as possible during the week. I will try to get these blog posts out early every Monday so that you can begin posting your blogs. I encourage you to write about an event that happens during the week and save it as a draft so that you will be ready to post it on Monday as soon as the new contest blog has been added.

The Winners Of Last Week's Contest Are...

30 SCR First Place Winner

Winning Entry: "Happy Moanday, Fielding Couldn't Stand Alvarez's Body Punches."

The 20 SCR Second Place Winner is

Second Place Entry: "Happy Moanday @akudozen"

Third Place 10 SCR winner is

Third Place Entry: "Happy Moan Day Claudio Ranieri"

Congratulations to these three prize winners, but everyone who participates in Happy Moan-Day is a winner!

Thank You All For Your Support Of The Happy Moan-Day Contest!

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family here on Scorum!