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Cloud Nine(C9)ranked #1 in Forbes Most Valuable eSports Gaming.
The Cloud Nine LoL Team in the 2018 League of Legend World Championship Cloud Nine (C9) has been named the world's most valuable e-sports gaming group. Forbes named 12 of its most valuable e-sports gaming teams last October. The top spot was C9 with $310 million and Solomide with $250 million. Liquid, Echo Fox ranked third and fourth, followed by Optic Gaming and Phnomics. Zhenji e-sport is the only Korean-based online game club to be ranked seventh in the global rankings. C9 runs a total of 11 game teams in various sports including the League of Legend (LoL), Oversight, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CO: GO). With 92 players, the team has the largest number of players in the rankings. It also recently raised $50 million through series B funding to finance facility and facility investment, which will create a training room ranging from 1800 to 2,700 square meters. C9 also performed according to the company's value this year. He set a record of advancing to the LoL World Championship for the sixth straight year and advanced to the semifinals for the first time in the history of LoL in North America. The London Spitfire, the C9 Overwatch League team, rose to the championship title of the league's inaugural season, and CS: The GO team won the E-League Boston Major League in February, earning its only major championship. Tsm Lol Team Wins 2017 Na Lcs Summer TSM, which became the second most valuable player, earned $25 million in revenue in 2018. Andy Dean, the founder and former player of TSM, who won six times in the North American LCS, has a plan to turn TSM into a Dallas Cowboy in eSports. To implement the plan, TSM recently expanded its territory by establishing the Port-Night team and signed a one-million-dollar contract with Myth Ali Kabani, the second largest follow-up company in the world. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Genji e-Sports is also ranked 7th and its the only e-sports gaming based in Korea with a value of 110million Genji entered e-sports in earnest last year by acquiring LoL team Samsung Galaxy, and made an aggressive investment move to name domestic and foreign e-sports fans. The team is operating in various sports including the LoL team, the Seoul Dinesty of the Overwatch league, the Players Battleground and the Heroes of the Storm is at the Seoul HQ, a seven-story building, was also unveiled by the company. This Are The 12 Forbes' Most Valuable Esports Game 1 Cloud Nine ($310 million) 2 Solomide ($250 million) 3 Liquid($200 million) 4 Echo Fox (250 million dollars) 5 Optic Gaming ($130 million) 6 Phnomics ($120 million) 7 Genji eSports (110 million dollars) 8 G2 eSports $15 million 9 Immortals ($100 million) 10 yen gaming ($95 million) 11 100 cues ($90 million) 12 Counter Logic Gaming ($50 million)