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Callum Hudson-Odoi on brink of Chelsea exit
The kid has big dreams, his partners Sancho, Dembele, Mbappe, Arnold, Abraham etc are playing games and are in starting lineups. Look at Sancho, how well he's doing now. To be honest looking back he's got every reason to leave. For that price, Bayern surely and seriously interested in replacing Robben and Ribery. Look how many young talents have been wasted at Chelsea, not to mention all the loaned players that are waiting on the shortlist. And would look for a move as well. I know he is young but football has changed and it's better to play than wait on the bench. But to Chelsea fan, it hurts that he may leave. All the best to him though. Chelsea is making a big mistake. They can't keep saying "we are a big club, we will move on" they need to get their act together and start letting these players flourish. They had Abraham but they spend 70m on Morata which is more of a risk than Abraham. They have bought Pulisic which is more of a risk than Odoi. I mean what are they doing? Why would he sign a contract to sit on the bench? Chelsea just bought Pulisic so Odoi is looking long term. Next season he will be on the bench again. Image source All their youth that wins the cup every year one by one are told "they aren't ready" Chelsea need to reconstruct their whole transfer team, completely. All I see is young talents being repeatedly let loose over the past few years who have so much of potential and a flop invitation to Morata and god knows what comes next. Age isn't important. Clubs need to drop their pride and let the players shine. Odoi isn't making noise. He is just performing well every time he plays which I can't say the same for Willian/Pedro/Morata/Giroud yet they play more. Why would he stay if he didn't get constant premier league starts and now that one more winger is set to join Chelsea in summer? Repeated offers from a team like Bayern do have a deep effect on one's mentality and he clearly has felt it and doesn't feel like staying, so now only 5% chance he'll somehow decide to stay. Chelsea/Sarri only started to play him when Bayern showed interest in him. He had a very good pre-season and wasn't even used in the Europa League games against Farmers now all of a sudden Sarri plays him. You can really see why he wants to go to Bayern the Bundesliga is easier than the premier league. Even if they offer him game time, he’ll still want to leave because he can be a star in the Bundesliga and score loads of goals just like Batshuayi, Reiss Nelson, Paco, Jadon Sancho etc. it's sad seeing an academy player wanting out. But this is the harsh reality of Chelsea's board. It would be amazing for fans if he stayed with Chelsea, but if he wants out then they should let him go. Since he isn't happy or going to renew his contract, Chelsea should cash in a deal now.