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Player Review - Willian
Willian is the one of a special player in Chelsea and they need him. He is world class. It's just unfortunate he has been forced to adapt to the right flank over the years which is obviously not his best position. He has had to give way for Eden in Chelsea and Neymar in Brazil. His next best position is no10 and he doesn't get to play there too cause his coach to insist on 4-3-3. He can do a great job in a 3 man midfield too (as the attacking midfielder), but none of his Coaches have realized that yet. Humble guy. I don't know if they need him anymore but if he stays I am happy. Image sourceI love him as well and all these fans saying get him out and that clearly aren't real fans as they haven't seen how much this guy has done for the club. This guy Willian is a brilliant player and he showed it over the years but his Loyal and respect to the club is exceptional. Willian has always been showing that he wants to stay and that he loves the club and the fans. Obviously, you have to renew your contract. He’s honestly really improved. He has the right mentality and mindset as well. Yes, Chelsea needs him. If Hazard is leaving they can make play Willian in that position because he can play like hazard and he will score from long range and from the box.Chelsea big problem is no one tries long range shot. I am sure that if Jorginho, Kante tries more often from long range they can score. Willian is underrated, to be honest, he's the one who saved them in 15/16 season. he's world-class, and the most important thing, he's blue. Chelsea needs players who are ready to fight for the team. Willian does a great job for the club and always have the respect from all the fans but I think is time to go they need to trust in their young talents and Odoi deserve his place also Pulisic for Pedro. The way that some fans talk about Willian make me sick.He has been there even in tough times and when he had better reasons to leave. Give the man the praise he deserves it won't hurt. Neither Willian nor Eden is at fault nor is Odoi the solution to their lack of goals. Odoi should be starting ahead of Pedro! That I would agree. Their lack of goals is Coach's Inability to have opponents come out to play which will give their creative players the chance to play their football. All they do now is to pass 90times around the opponent's box cause most of them set up defensively and try hitting them on the counter. ManU(0v2), Leicester(0v1), Wolves(1v1), Everton(0v2) and so on.