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My Football Dream XI of all time
Recently, the great Zlatan Ibrahimović published his 11 all time. Thanks to this, a project created by @dexpartacus. I would like to present you my original 11! Here you can find the source of this fun :) At the beginning I will write that my English is not at the highest level for which I am sorry, I am still learning. Nevertheless, I would like to take part in the competition. As a young boy, I dreamed about a football career. I was hurt by a serious spine injury. However, there is no strength for anyone or anything to kill my passion and love for sport! I wrote about it here, so I invite you to get to know me a bit closer. Coming back to the topic ... from where I remember, I played on defense. Not because I lacked the skills and was only fit to kick the ball behind the line (at least think so). The reason was my persistence, determination and aggression in the game. I admit that I do not know what made me more happy: 10 accurate passes or one clean slide with the receipt of the ball. Born defender! Maybe not everyone liked to play against me, but with me on the team everyone felt much safer :) The most important! Over the years I have not done any more harm to football, which proves that the aggressive play of the central defender is the basis. Aggressive, but not STUPLE! That's why I admit that my dream eleven would in fact be completely different, but because the world loves two types of players: virtuosos and fighters (those who put their heads where others do not even put their feet), today I want to distinguish them who have always impressed me with these features: Fight, passion, aggression! I have no choice, this eleven must consist mostly of central defenders. Foregive me. I will not add anybody to the reserve bench, because what for? What would have to happen for one of these tough guys to come down on their own?! If you are interested, I can make another eleven, consistent with my real opinion. Formation: 1-5-2-1-2 (ultra defensive) Oliver Kahn - goalkeeper Do you have to write something about it? This man was afraid not only of each opposing team, but also teammates. Only a mentally ill person could stand in front of him without fear. Confirms the thesis that every goalkeeper must be a little crazy. Marcin Wasilewski - right defender Maybe it is not known to a wider audience, but as I am from Poland, I feel obliged to put this master in the first team. He played in several good European clubs. In Anderlecht, a tragic injury happened to him at his best time in his career. Not one footballer would end his football adventure, but not him. He came back stronger! He is the legend of Adnerlecht Brussels and Leicester City (with whom he won the national championship). Currently, he represents the colors of Wisła Kraków in the Polish premier league. Giorgio Chiellini - central defender A longtime representative of Italy, currently a Juventus player. As he said recently in an interview on Polish television, "I have to find an enemy in every match." On the pitch, dick. Outside the pitch? An educated, cultural, quiet and kind guy. Idol! Carlos Puyol - central defender A longtime representative of Spain, former captain of Barcelona. Idol to follow on and off the pitch. He respected everyone even if someone was rude. He was like an older brother for FC Barcelona players. Nemanja Vidic - central defender One of the legends of Manchester United. A man who said after one of the heroic defenses of shots: "you will fix the nose, but you will not regain pride after the lost goal". It's called real passion! Sokratis Papastadopulos - left defender Yes, I know ... he is not the left defender, but where the Greek God would not be able to defend himself. The leader of the Greek defense, he would have been a longtime footballer of Borrusia Dortmund, currently - Arsenal London. A solid defender, very tough and specific in action. Gerardo Gattuso - defensive midfielder You look from a distance and do not arouse much respect among you. The closer you are to the more you fear him. Very sharp in action. He always left his heart, lungs and every other part of the body on the pitch. Madman! Currently, the coach of AC Milan - a club where he spent many years as a football player. Vinnie Jones - defensive midfielder I only know you, youtube. Maybe he was not sensible ... but the engagement can never be refused. He played in such clubs as: Wimbledon, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers. In combination with Gattuso, they would make a deadly duet! Literally ;) Zinedine Zidane - offensive midfielder Finally, a bit of technique in this very defensive line-up ... It's because of him in my team would have to pass every action! A great footballer, an amazing trainer. Of the last curiosities about him - he was the first to tell Modrici that he sees him as the future winner of the "Golden Ball" (I wrote about it here). In its history it has theoretically disgraceful behavior from the 2006 World Cup finals. He then hit Materazzi in a very unusual way. I think he did what a real man should do when someone insults his family, regardless of the price, respect from my side! Mario Mandzukić - Striker No tears, no compromises. He wants to score a goal at all costs. Personally, I just do not like him, but its effectiveness and physical conditions can not go unnoticed. He does not give peace to the defenders. Despite his age, he still shoots, shoots and shoots. Once Bayern, today Juve. Zlatan Ibrahimović - striker A color figure on and off the pitch. A great footballer. The way he scored goals is simply amazing. He visited the whole of Europe and did not disappoint anywhere. Today, he raises the MLS and there, despite his age, is a star. He proposed to the president of PSG that he change the Eifel faith to his monument, and in return he will stay in Paris. Well ... in the place of the president I would agree! Thank you for reading my article and I invite you to follow me on Scorum, also check my profile on the Polish Scorum website.

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