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[EARN CRYPTO] How to make Presearch your transparent search engine [TUTORIAL]
Hey SCORUM! Ever wonder of using a presearch? It's a search engine that pays you to search thorough it. It allows you to search in Google, YouTube, and more (approx. 200 providers!). ## What is Presearch Presearch is start-up page that helps you to search different places via it... ## But what's wrong? ... but it has one drawback: you have to get back to each time. It's comfortable if you need to search in some rarely-used engines as or Youtube, but it's uncomfortable for the main usage: just googling. Let's fix this behavior! ## Steps to make it comfortable 0. Step 0 is to go to presearch, register & login if you're not already: 1. Now go to: `````` 2. Enter name of search: "presearch" (first field) 3. Copy this and paste to the second field ("the front of search term:") `````` 4. Press the "Make search plugin" button. 5. Under the button, few rows should appear with Firefox, Chrome and IE logos. Press on them. 6. Allow adding of the search engine. 7. In Firefox, press on the left of the search bar and choose "Change search settings", then select "presearch" as main search engine. In Chromium, find search settings in settings. 8. Go to, check that you're logged in and remember your balance. Leave this tab open. 9. Create new tab and try to search for something. When your search engine appears with results, try to search again for some other stuff. 10. Go back to tab, update the page with `ctrl+r` and check that your balance went up +0,5 presearch tokens. # How much do I earn? Each search requests pays off itself as 0,25 PRE tokens, but you can earn maximum of 8 PRE tokens per day. That's not much, but who knows, if BTC or Presearch project will have another to the moon... By the way, thanks for following my referral link, you'll get bonuses and me too. # Feedback Hope that's useful for you. Please share and comment :) See ya, Skol! Den Ivanov aka @sxiii from Random City