If you learn martial arts and want to participate in a fighting competition, you have the choice. You choose which fighting competition you are going to participate. You can participate in a fighting competition to test your fighting skills or, you choose not to participate in a fighting competition.

How about when you fight for self defense?

If you are in a situation where you have to fight, it is always recommended that try to avoid the fight if you can. Before getting into a fight, people start arguing, shouting and getting close to each other. The situation is getting intense. And suddenly they start fighting.

If you can talk to the person, clam him down, or somehow avoid the situation, you can choose to do that instead of fighting. In a street fight, you do not want to be a hero getting into a fight. This is dangerous.

Martial art is only for self defense. If there is no option and your life is in danger, you have to fight for self defense. There are situations where you have the choice and you can fight or get back from there avoiding the fight. The truth is, most of the time you do not have a choice.

Someone punches you from the behind and you have no idea about it. Someone can push and you fall down on the ground. Sometimes out of nowhere you get attacked. You do not get to choose the fight. You are being attacked. If you get hit for the first time, attackers will not stop there. They will keep attacking you. Now you have no choice except counter-attack to defend yourself.

What you see, you can defend that or stay away from that. But what you do not see, that is very difficult to defend. After getting the hit, you see what's going on. And if you do not react fast, the situation might get worse.

So what can you do to defend yourself?

You can learn self defense and martial arts that make you ready to deal with real life situations. If you are trained, you will get better. It is not like do this and do that. You cannot plan what to do for self defense. You have to take action based on the situation. In a situation like this, you can figure out fast what to do to defend yourself and get back home alive.

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