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BREAKING NEWS! Kelvin Gastelum vs Israel Adesanya at UFC236! Interim Middleweight Championship Fight!
WOAH! Now this is a necessary fight! What a year 2019 is turning out to be! Just weeks after The Last Style Bender defeats all time great Anderson Silva in a Tekken style martial arts movie fight, and Kelvin Gastelum had his dreams shattered due to MW champ Rob Whittaker having to pull out hours before their fight, we now have a serious fight on our hands! 2 - UFC234 Silva vs Adesanya The Fight We all know how good these two are. Kelvin has never quite had the hype behind him, like Israel does. He is actually one of the best underdogs the UFC has ever seen. From being a last choice on The Ultimate Fighter, to winning the show, and going through everyone, including former champ Michael Bisping to make his way to the top of the middleweight food chain, Kelvin has one more chance to prove himself against the odds! Now, he again, has a huge challenge ahead of him in Adesanya. But don't count out Kelvin to soon, like many of us have in the past... Don't get me wrong, I think Israel is one of the sharpest, cleanest and smartest strikers in the game! This will be his 6th UFC fight in just 14 months so this works in his favour (I believe) as he is staying active! Adesanya is hungry, and it shows! I (almost) feel this fight is just as big as either of these men fighting Rob for the real title. I wish Rob a speedy and safe recovery! I want to see him back soon and feel bad for his misfortune! Heal up, champ! 3 - Rob will be watching closely! My prediction It's early to make a proper prediction. But, both of these men can strike! I was very interested to see Kelvin vs Rob - where I feel Rob would have beaten him. However, I also feel Rob would beat Israel. I think these two will be standing, for most of the fight. I know Kelvin has solid jujitsu, along with a decent wrestling background so he may want to bring the fight to the floor at any time. Adesanya is very quick at stuffing takedowns, so I don't think Kelvin will force anything, as he has confidence and proven results from his standup! I think this will be a war and a close fight, I don't know if I see anyone getting knocked out yet. I feel Kelvin will be landing some pretty big shots, where some critics will be talking about the holes in Israel's game, but overall I feel Israel will get the win by out pointing Kelvin in a technical striking battle, and string together some amazingly fluid combinations and have moments in this fight where he is putting a beating on Kelvin. Rob vs Israel will be huge! That is a fight we all want to see! However, let's not count out Kelvin.. He's proved himself time and time again! 4 - Do NOT count this man out! We are blessed, fight fans! Who you got? Image references (again Scorum wont let me link image) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -

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