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TJ Dillashaw SUSPENDED for 2 years! Using EPO - Cody exposed him!
TJ sure has been silent, plus he has not challenged his sentence. TJ Dillashaw has been suspended for testing positive for the banned substance EPO. He will not be eligible to fight until the 18th January 2021. EPO is a synthetic hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells. This would be injected and helps with fatigue and physical performance. This is a common drug for athletes such as cyclists and long distance runners. A study in Australia showed that with the use of EPO, an athlete can get the same physical performance improvements in 4 weeks that would usually take several years. Crazy stuff! This is widely renowned as one of the worst drugs to use in MMA. Cody Garbrandt Now, Cody called this way back, and a few times. Cody stated at a press conference that TJ Dillashaw used to show Team Alpha Male how to dope! He said this in front of TJ who looked a little flustered. Uriah Faber also told us that TJ was using. Then, even more shocking, Cody has directly called out TJ Dillashaw for using EPO! He, and many others, already knew that TJ was doping, and had found a way to get through the testing. Here is the shocking tweet from 2018: They knew what he was on! How did he get this far without getting caught? Should the TJ Dillashaw vs Cody fights get overturned into a no contest? What about the Cejudo fight? Seeing as Henry won, that would make sense, but, the two Cody fights would. He was clearly on something and the lack of statement from TJ tells me that he knows he's been caught. TJ's coach came out with a very puzzling statement that was almost cryptic, and just straight up odd. Talking about him being a fallen soldier etc, it is strange to read. Check it out if you want, here is the link to BJ Penn website: Doping fighters Seeing as TJ had clearly been doping for some time, and getting away with it, it seems that any fighter that tests positive must be aware of it. I know there are cases of others actually taking banned supplements and proving it, but for guys like TJ and Jones, to me it just shows.

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