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Swimming Competition for Babies
Strange with the title above, yes, I also feel strange, but it doesn't hurt us to make the match but with full safety, huh ... I myself have never heard or even watched the competition, but after seeing the current trend, I also tried to teach or introduce this sport to my baby, how easy it is to introduce swimming to babies at least 4 months after birth, huh ... Parents are worried about their children who have not been able to do anything but how come they are invited to swim, but doctors and midwives also encourage them to do so, the baby SPA is a solution that we can try if we still don't dare to do it ourselves. I have tried it myself, with a 1 meter high bathtub, also a standard neck float for only $2 to $5, we can do it ourselves at home, oops ... Don't forget the water as warm as possible if you are not used to it More or less like this is the shape, the price is cheap compared to us once the SPA baby has to spend $35 to $50 if you want a complete one, get the facilities, but by having your own we can get used to swimming to our children as often as possible. for the application is very easy, the important thing is that the weight of our baby is around 4 kg, because the shape of the big or small size of our baby greatly affects the neck circle that can secure the baby or can by buying and measuring it first. The following is my baby that I applied myself at home, if the count count reduces the unexpected costs, please watch the excitement,... Exclaimed ???, what happens if there is a swimming competition for babies ?, besides entertaining, at least parents get more benefits and share with other parents, because sports are highly recommended for our babies like this, the benefits are very much for the development of the baby, of course, even if it is already big, swimming sports can bring together babies who used to be spa and even become swimming athletes later, maybe ...Here are the benefits of swimming for our babySmooth blood circulation of the babySpeed ​​up the growth of the baby's bonesMake the baby move activelyImprove the sleep quality of the babyIncrease baby responsivenessIncrease appetite And there are many other benefits, I mentioned above 6 benefits because in my opinion it's the 6 most important benefits for our baby athletes. Thank you, and don't forget to leave a comment. Can't comment ?, click Register first ... The following is a photo of a magical baby who has been able to swim and dive...

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