Extreme Sports / skateboarding

My favorite sport skateboarding
Since I was little I have enjoyed many extreme sports but the one I like the most is skateboarding, a high performance sport that always demands the best of you, where we have the freedom to go out and shoot alone and be able to create new tricks that are unique, the magic of skateboarding goes much further, you can find an inner peace and go out and get friends to enjoy with you in this sport, share your passion. The first time I bought my skateboard was at 10 years old and that was fantastic for me, since I was very young I was a fan of Tony hawk one of the best skaters in the world, I dreamed of getting to do someday like him, be so talented and become a professional. When you start in this sport we must take into account several factors, it will not be easy, it is a sport that asks a lot and you must practice every day, you must be in shape to perform the different tricks and have a large repertoire of tricks to be able to compete with your friends. Within this sport there is a world championship where the best skaters meet in the world, that event is the X GAMES a high level championship, where you can see the professionals in different disciplines such as the street event or the giant ramp, or the park event where one of my favorite skaters competes, Mr. PEDRO BARROS, a Brazilian skater who has changed the sport with his amazing tricks and his style when skating in the skate park. In the street skate event we can find Nyjah Huston, one of the most professional and unique athletes in this category who in recent years has won more than 30 tournaments, is one of the most important athletes in the world of the skateboard. And to finish one of the most crazy events in the mega ramp, where the legendary Bob Burnquist, has made a difference and has become a reading of the sport, competing in more than 100 tournaments around the world . It is amazing how this sport can unite millions of people and generate in each of them a love for sport making it the 3 most popular sport in the world. Thanks for dropping by! Follow me @kingblack and read my other blog post. Have a nice day Scorum Family!