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Jon Jones Vs. Daniel Cormier 3 Should Happen According To Dana White.
I have been saying this a lot that the most logical challenge right now for these two men is to face each other at the heavyweight class. Daniel Cormier has time and again proven his skills in the game except that with his arch rival Jon Jones and that the only thing left for him to cement his legacy is to beat this man who has shown mastery over him (illegal substance or not). And for Jon Jones to prove his worth of being the GOAT should face Daniel Cormier at his turf which is the heavyweight class. Jon Jones has done it twice in the light heavyweight, but being on heavyweight is a familiar terrain for Daniel Cormier and that could provide additional challenge for Jon Jones. Daniel Cormier deserved it, dominating the light heavy (in Jones absence) and now taking the championship belt of the heavyweight class. In one interview, Dana White said it should happen. He further surmised that there are about 3 UFC fights left in Daniel Cormier's career and a rematch with Jon Jones should be one of them. And Jon Jones response? "Bring out the check book Dana". Here is the interview where Jon Jones agreed to that. You can also catch me on Hyperspace. HyperSpace uses UBI (Universal Basic Income) principle to give all users FREE tokens every day. Tokens you can use to amplify other content and earn you more income. I am the admin of HyperSports where you can get real and be passionate about your favorite teams or athletes by sharing to us contents about them.

Could we see Khabib vs Mayweather? UFC President Dana White isn't saying it's close, but he did say he had a meeting about a proposed Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov bout, per ESPN. Aside from banter from both fighters, that's the first real acknowledgment of the rumored fight we've heard from White. Because Nurmagomedov is under contract with the UFC, he'd need clearance to compete in such an event, but White insists the bout must be fought in the UFC's Octagon under mixed martial arts rules, not another boxing match like the one between Mayweather and Conor McGregor last year. “We went over there, we boxed him and if he wants to do it again, he’s gotta come fight in the UFC,” White said. “I don’t think it’s very realistic at all but I didn’t think the boxing match was either and it happened so we’ll see. “There will no be a boxing match. Obviously, if it was something that Khabib really wanted to do, we’d sit down and talk about it but I don’t like anything about it. I haven’t talked to Khabib about it at all. His interest needs to be defending his title over here. That’s what he should be focused on.” Mayweather scored a 10th-round TKO over McGregor in the bout and both men enjoyed a mammoth payday for their efforts. Clearly, the UFC gained monetarily as well as the co-promoter of the event. A similar arrangement would likely have to be made for a Mayweather-Nurmagomedov bout. “There’s a reason why Floyd Mayweather wants to fight my guys,” White said. “Because there’s big money there for him. Obviously, there’s big money there for us but I’m not into making those kinds of fights. If Floyd wants to come over here, he said he’s been wrestling and doing this and that, if he wants to come over and fight in the UFC, he’s more than welcome.” It's difficult to imagine Mayweather agreeing to an MMA bout with anyone. let alone a fighter with Nurmagomedov's style. The fight is going to go to the ground, and that is obviously where Mayweather has had little-to-no training. As a businessman who always looks to chase low-risk-high-reward opportunities, an MMA bout with Nurmagomedov doesn't seem like it matches the profile. Then again, this is combat sports and we've learned you can never rule anything out.