Sorry, one day later, I've been sick and yesterday my dog disconnected my laptop and I lost the post :( (100% true story).

Well I remind you that this contest is open for the whole community, nobody is excluded and obviously, there will be prizes for everyone even if you do not get to be in one of the top 5 places. All well-meaning comments related to the theme will receive a vote (just look at the previous posts and you will see that you can earn enough here to help you grow your scorum power)

Basically weekly we will rotate among the different sports that exist around the world, we will choose one as the main theme and to participate you must write a post about anything related to the theme! simple, right?

It can be a story created by you, memories of your history with that sport, a research, a deep analysis, the sky is your limit!

There will be 5 places awarded as follows: 17 scorums for the first place, 12 for the second and 7 scorums for the last 3 places respectively giving a total of one weekly pot of 50 scorums.

Maybe now they are not much, but in less than a year you will see that the efforts you have made in this platform are going to pay off!

First place! - Hassan (finally someone beat ablaze)

The Most Surreal Snooker Game Victories of the Last Year

Second place - Ablaze

Snooker through the ages 🎱 🎱

Third Place - Kolumbus (Great job!)

Snooker "In a woman's world."

Fourth Place- Austino!

Once Upon A Time In The World Of Snooker..

Last but not least- stanleyasokingz


The prizes were sent, thanks for participating!

fifth week - New contest! 60 SCR instead of 50

( Volleyball)

It is a very popular game in my country, my grandfather of more than 80 years every afternoon he gets up to the nearest park to watch volleyball games with his friends also old. That keeps him active and away from home.

Well remember that this week is 60 scorums, therefore each position receives +2 scr