Fantasy / fantasy premier league

EPL Fantasy Football #Gameweek 22#
I am playing fantasy football game for UK Premier League. I really love this game. Premier League Fantasy Football, 22th week points became clear. My score for the twenty-second week 56. I got a score above the average. This week's average score was 49. Team evaluation for the twenty-second week is as follows; Salah scored a goal this week. Salah was also the team captain, so the score was multiplied by 2. Salah's score this week is 22. Digne, a player playing defender. He plays football for Everton. This week he scored a goal in Bournemouth. Therefore, his score this week is 12. Other defender Cathcart scored a goal this week. Cathcart's points 6. The points of other players on the team were bad. As I mentioned above, this week's score is 56. So far, my total score is 670. My total score is very low. Because, I started playing the game late. I didn't play the game for the first seven weeks. I started playing the game at eighth weeks. Additionally, scorum fantasy for football league I'm in 415st in the game. For the twenty-third week, my team is as above picture. The changes I made in the team for next week. I took Richarlison off the team. I took Pogba to the team. I had a transfer right. For this, I took Aubayemang off the team. I got Gabriel Jesus. I used my transfer right this way. Team captain, Salah again. I didn't change the team captain. Salah can score many goals this week. So I didn't change the captain. You can join this fun game. You can click here to join the game. I wish everyone good luck with playing the game.