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Everything you do when you're young, you pay when you're old.
Source Everyone when we are young, we think that the world is on our feet, and we begin to make many mistakes, mainly consume products that damage our body, which will not charge you that damage at this time, but in the not too distant future is possible. When we consume junk food, alcohol, smoke or consume other types of drugs, this will begin to damage our system little by little, so much so that when we are reaching middle age, we may be bedridden due to an illness. Therefore, it is time to take conscience of what we consume, for example: "let's say I like sugar a lot when I am about 17 years old, I start eating a lot of candy without any control, this could provoke an attack of cholesterol" It's not that I want you to stop consuming what you like, but that you have control over yourself since everything that is done in excess ends up doing a lot of damage. Of course, there are things that I suggest you do not ever use because of how unpleasant they are at the time of consuming it, such as drugs and alcohol, The alcohol is legal, but even so it does not take away the damage it can cause to our system, for example, damage to our brain, Alcohol can cause a decrease in concentration and eliminate a certain number of neurons in our brain. Now, if you are one of the people who like to drink your drink, there are solutions that can help you to prevent the aforementioned effects, such as consuming complex B, both as an injection and as a pill. In the case of junk food, you can start eating it on a specific day and not in a continuous way. So far the publication, I hope you like it and do not forget to vote and comment, see you until the next installment.