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3 Reasons Why Daniel Cormier Is A Better Heavyweight Than A Light Heavyweight Fighter.
Before UFC, Daniel Cormier is already a Strike Force Grand Prix Heavyweight Champion. His initial UFC heavyweight campaign is 2-0 before he moved to light heavyweight to make way for his friend and long time training partner Cain Velasquez (reigning heavyweight champ at that time). If number speaks for itself then it surely says Daniel Cormier belongs to the heavyweight division. These are top 3 reasons why Daniel Cormier has advantages when fighting at heavyweight division. Reason 1: Speed. At heavyweight division where most men already possess power and strength what could give you distinct advantages and excel are speed and stamina. Even Cain Velasquez proven that against the likes of Brock Lesnar and many others who all succumbed to persistent pressure against a faster and enduring opponent. With Daniel Cormier he displayed it perfectly against Big Foot Silva who he outstruck and flattened in the opening round. Faster hand speed that constantly landed with overhand rights and punctuated by a upper cut solved the Big Foot mystery for the eventual winner Daniel Cormier that night. Reason 2: Weight Cut. While weight cutting may work for some fighters as they have certain advantages for strength and size. In Cormier's case, he spends more stamina in weight cutting than grappling heavier men. And since most heavyweights are suspect in their stamina he overpowers them by wearing them out. In heavyweight, Cormier does not have to cut his weight and that made him a special fighting machine in this division; an enduring, powerful, faster fighter when compared to most fighters in this division. Reason 3: Small But Powerful. We have mentioned the advantages that Cormier have when facing bigger fighters. But don't forget the obvious reasons that big fighters are getting the advantage when facing smaller fighters, power and size. Not only that big fighters have more strength you also spend more stamina when punching upwards. When smaller fighters covers the distance it make them also vulnerable to counter punches. In Cormier's case, he is a special fighter that he uses this as an advantage to duck punches and secure a clinch. And since he is powerful he can ragdoll bigger men than him. It showcased his strength when facing smaller men like slamming Henderson and his epic battle with smaller heavyweights like Josh Barnett which is at 248 lbs but he just lifted and spiked him to the ground. So what do you think? Should Jon Jones face Daniel Cormier at heavy weight this time and see who is the best UFC fighter ever? Share us your thoughts below. Visit website I posted an article on my LinkedIn profile about decentralized social media platforms like Scorum and others. Please visit Decentralized Social Media - A New Way To Earn Just By Being Yourself Online. (Make Extra Money from Anywhere Without Your Own Website.)